CUEAFS launch

Coventry University’s East Asian Film Society opened yesterday with a screening of the Hong Kong hit film, Gallants.

For the past few years Coventry University has been screening East Asian blockbusters with the aim to raise awareness of the East Asian film industry. Among the films shown last year was the Japanese Achilles and the Tortoise, South Korean comedy Scandal Makers, and Chinese hit Shinjuku Incident starring none other than international superstar, Jackie Chan.

Yesterdays showing of the 2010 Hong Kong comedy, Gallants pulling in an audience of over 100 students from the Media and Communication department of the University.

Special guest speaker, the head of the media and communication department Dr Shaun Hides, made time in his busy schedule to come and say a few words. He completely supports the idea and said that this would expose students to an “exciting, vibrant and thriving film society”.

Said project manager and University lecturer Spencer Murphy: “These films aren’t going to be to everyone’s taste.”  However there is always going to be an East Asian film society for “as long as the demand is there.”

As well as the film, there is also a raffle, where students can win a selection of prizes, and popcorn and traditional Chinese green tea are also offered courtesy of the CUEAFS.

The next film showing will be Japanese film Annoying Kimche, and it will be accompanied by a lecture from film reviewer, published author, and one of the leading authorities on the Japanese film industry, Jasper Sharp.

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