Hangover Hang Ups

Picture the scene, you’ve just started university, you’ve moved into the halls, waved goodbye to mummy and daddy, and you’re left to face the fast and furious Fresher’s week.

The first thing any student in the right mind would do is find the nearest/cheapest bar and drink the night away. And who can blame them?

But what about the morning after the night before? When you wake up with the banging headache, the dry sandy mouth and the insatiable need for a bacon and egg sandwich, also known as The Hangover!

There are several methods of dispelling the drinkers dread. You could try the paracetamol based Alka-Seltza, a dissolvable powder that kicks into action in around half an hour.

Drugs not for you? Research has shown that a brisk walk in the fresh morning air is a natural and highly effective remedy. “Popping paracetamol is all well and good,” says Jacob Gill, 18, of Leeds Trinity University “but going for a walk works wonders when I’ve got a banging head!”

But what if drugs aren’t for you and you can’t face the exercise with what feels like the Blitz going on inside your skull? Well never fear, all you rosy cheeked Fresher’s out there! There’s a tried and tested way of dealing with the inevitable hangover heading your way. A solution so accommodating that indeed involves no drugs and no strenuous exercise. A solution so brilliant it’s been used for generations upon generations upon generations. A solution so clever that it’s a wonder that no Nobel Peace prize winning scientist or uber qualified university professor has put their name to the idea. That’s right, the solution to the dreaded hangover is, of course, the bacon and egg sandwich!

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