Remembering the War Exhibition

The Herbert Art Gallery and Museum has opened a special exhibition to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Coventry Blitz.

Coventry was badly affected during the vicious and senseless bombings during the Second World War. 515 Nazi Luftwaffe took part in the attack, destroying thousands of homes, 75% of the city’s factories, and killing around 1000 people, including 568 civilians.

As part of the Coventry Blitz commemoration, the public are invited to come and view objects, images and stories of local people who were involved with or affected by the War. Personal items donated to the exhibition include ration books, photographs, letters and medals.

As well as the temporary Remembering the War display, there are plenty of other things to see ranging from a Victorian section, to modern art and even graffiti art. The interesting and informative exhibitions are family friendly, with facts and figures for the adults, as well as interactive elements for children.

Alongside the exhibition, a sculpture by ex-serviceman Graham Ball is also being displayed. The Remembrance Ring is an iron ring of hands surrounding a traditional poppy wreath, and is cast from the hands of war veterans from across the country. It includes the hands of people that have fought during the Second World War, Korean War and Suez Crisis, and soldiers who have served in Bosnia and Kosovo.

As a culmination to the events to mark the worst of the Blitz bombings, there will be a service followed by a light show at the ruins of Coventry Cathedral on the night of the 14th November, accompanied by short reflections from local choirs, artists and poets.

The free exhibition at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum is displayed in the ‘covered court’ as well as the ‘history gallery’ and the ‘peace and reconciliation gallery’, and runs from the 2nd – 14th of November.

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