X Factor fever

With 2010’s reality talent show the X Factor causing so much controversy since it began in August, its no wonder so many people have so many opinions on this years offering.

With only five acts left the competition is really hotting up. Left in the running are Matt Cardle, mentored by Dannii Minogue, Rebecca Ferguson and Cher Lloyd, both mentored by Cheryl Cole, Mary Byrne mentored by Louis Walsh and boyband One Direction, mentored by Mr Nasty himself, Simon Cowell.

There have been accusations of arguments, fights, on and off romances, and a campaign to get this year’s novelty act Wagner through to the finals in order to turn the competition on its head.

Speaking about Wagner, Jacob Gill, 18, of Barnsley said “He’s amazing! Well, he’s not, but he tries so hard, bless him. You just want him to win, don’t you. He’s an absolute legend.”

The X Factor has never been everyone’s cup of tea though, with most of the population having a love/hate relationship with it.

Ryan Hurst, 21, of Leeds said “The X factor never really interested me up until this year. Then I started hearing about this Wagner bloke and someone called Katie who was causing a lot of fuss and I got hooked! But I’ll be honest, I really like Mary. She’s like a prettier SuBo!”

Lauren Caton, 19, of Coventry said “I like Rebecca. She’s got a really good voice and she’s pretty. She’s well better than all of the other acts. I’ll be voting for her in the final.” 

With this year’s series soon drawing to a close, the publics vote is more important than ever. With the novelty act Wagner eliminated from the competition last Sunday night, Simon Cowell best summed up the general feeling, saying “Why I am happy is because there were people out there trying to derail this show for different reasons. What has happened tonight is that we’ve put this show back in the hands of the public.”

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