Crisis on the Crossings

Would you let your child cross a busy road on their own? With traffic speeding up and down both ways? No, I didn’t think so.

So in Barnsley, having recently heard that several crossing patrols on both Sheffield Road in Hoyland Common and Doncaster Road are to be cut, I find myself annoyed at the lack of thought having gone into this decision.  

With Hoyland Common Primary School located directly next to one of the crossings, it is pretty important that there is a crossing patrol present to maintain the safety of the children. With over 300 pupils attending the school, and up to 60% of them crossing without a parent, it is moronic to even consider not having a qualified adult present.

Barnsley council could argue that the number of accidents are down, however that is because of the precautions they currently have in place. i.e. the crossing patrols. The same crossing patrols they are trying to get rid of. Seems kind of counterproductive really.

Also how can the council justify cutting very important jobs like this while they are happy to drive their big expensive cars and claim silly amounts with expenses? How about they spend the money where it desperately needs to be spent instead of frittering it away while making backhanded deals here and there. That’s all they seem to do. And as we all know that worked out well for MP Eric Illsley, didn’t it?

I hope that the council have the foresight to maintain a crossing patrol on both Sheffield Road in Hoyland Common and Doncaster Road, because it’s only a matter of time before there’s a fatal accident involving a child that would have previously been safely helped across the road. Around 18 months ago there was an accident on Sheffield road involving a child. He was knocked over while crossing the road, and has unfortunately been left brain damaged for life. This cannot be allowed to happen again.

So pick your ideas up, Barnsley council. Stop making arbitrary cuts and get some of that money spent where it’s needed. It might pain you to part with your precious pounds, but I’m pretty sure having the death of a child on your conscience would hurt a lot more.

Further reading on the subject £128…The Price of a Childs Life by Lauren Caton

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