Movie review: Tangled (2010)

Once again Disney has taken an age old fairy tale, in this case Rapunzel, and turned it into a funny and exciting film for not just kids but adults too.

The story starts off conventionally enough, explaining how a single drop of sunlight fell to earth and from it grew a flower that had the ability to make whoever sung to it become young again. The plant was found by an old lady named Gothel who quickly discovered its secret, yet she decided to hide it from the world and keep it to herself.

In a nearby kingdom, the king and queen are having a child, however the queen falls ill. The guards are sent out to find a cure and come across the mysterious plant. They produce a broth with it and feed it to the queen, who successfully gives birth to a beautiful baby girl: Rapunzel.

Discovering that Rapunzel has inherited the flowers magical power, Gothel snatches the baby as she sleeps and hides her away in a secret tower, raising her as her own and exploiting her powers.

And of course there are the the cute Disney animals in the form of Rapunzels chameleon companion Pascal and the moody white guards horse Maximus.

The voice casting is brilliant, employing relatively unknown actors and actresses. Handling the voice of Rapunzel is actress, and singer/songwriter Mandy Moore. Supporting her, Zachari Levi takes on the role of the charmingly cocky Flynn Rider, and Donna Murphy portrays the lovingly evil Gothel. As with many Disney films there are various songs throughout, and the actors handle the singing parts with plenty of enthusiasm and as a result give very strong performances.

By the way, watch out for the song ‘Mother Knows Best’: The song is hilariously dark, the animation to it is fantastic, and the tune will be stuck in your head for a long time after you’ve left the cinema!

The animation in Tangled is as superb as ever, giving the characters some of the most realistic eyes, skin and hair (notoriously difficult to get to look realistic) that I have seen in an animated film. The movements look realistic and very live-action.

One downsides of the film is that even with the trademark Disney twists, it offers nothing we haven’t already seen a million times before. It’s got the good guys and the bad guys, it’s the token lovey dovey kissy scenes, it’s got the happily ever after…it could basically be another part of the Shrek world.

But all in all Tangled is definitely worth a viewing. It’s fun, it’s fast, it’s colourful, it’s everything that everyone enjoys in a Disney film. So take the kids, take the other half, take your friends, I’m sure it will provide a good few laughs and it will be thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

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