Spirits of Ancient Egypt

A special Egypt exhibition has recently opened at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum, displaying over 200 rare ancient Egyptian artifacts.

The brand new blockbuster exhibition is spread out over three of the largest exhibition rooms. It allows visitors to explore the world of the ancient Egyptians, and investigate the truth behind some of the popular myths that have evolved over time.

There are many myths about the ancient Egyptians, ranging from ‘why were the Egyptians obsessed with death?’, to ‘did aliens build the pyramids?’. This exhibition manages to debunk many of these myths and explains how they came about.

The centre piece of the exhibition is a woman called Perenbast…who was lovingly mummified over 5000 years ago! She is displayed along with her sarcophagus in an accurate recreation of a tomb.

Children are welcome to come and enjoy the unique exhibition and learn about the ancient civilisation, and there are plenty of activities to keep them occupied. There is also an abundance of interesting information displayed throughout the exhibition, explaining the many aspects of the ancient Egyptians.

There are many previously unseen treasures, including objects from Manchester University Museum, the Birmingham Museum collections and Bolton Museum. However due to the various copyright laws, photography of the items is strictly prohibited.

‘Secret Egypt: Unraveling the Truth from Myth’ is a fun and informative day out for both adults and children.

Admission is free and the items will be on display until the 5th June 2011.

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