An interview with…Derek Acorah

As one of Britain’s most popular mediums, Derek Acorah continues to make the spirit world more accessible for those willing to venture into the mysterious realms of spiritual contact and mediumship.

Originally from Liverpool, Derek at first perused a wildly different career playing football. He had great success, making his way all the way up to playing for Liverpool FC’s reserve team. He then transferred to the Australian League playing for the then premier Australian team USC Lion.

At the age of six Derek first became aware of the spirit world. At first dismissing it, he focused on his sport, however years later and despite his success in football he quit in order to return to Liverpool and set himself up as a full time medium.

As well as having the ability to contact the spirit world, Derek also has a spirit guide known as Sam. Sam is a past life friend of Derek’s, and he returned to him to help him as a spiritual medium in repayment for Derek saving his life in a previous reincarnation. Often through Sam, Derek can hold conversations with people who have crossed over to the other side.

Derek has put his talents to use in several programmes, the most famous of them being Most Haunted. The show was hosted in various locations throughout Britain. Derek would not know the location of filming until he arrived so as to avoid him researching the place. Upon arrival he would do a walkthrough of the location giving detailed accounts of what he was feeling and often contacting the spirits of people who lived and/or died at the location.

Since leaving Most Haunted in 2005, Derek has had great success in his career, securing several television shows in which he could put his talents to good use. He also started embarking upon tours around the country in order to do live readings for the general public, giving people a chance to contact loved ones that had crossed over.

Derek was happy to answer my questions:

How long have you been able to contact the spirit world?

I had my first experience of spirit contact as a six year old boy. Throughout my childhood and youth I was aware of spirit but it was in my late twenties, at the cessation of my footballing career, when I first began pursuing the idea of spirit communication and started to develop properly my clairvoyant and clairaudient gifts.

Would you describe it as a gift or a curse?

I would say that it can be both, although I choose to think upon it more as a gift than a curse.

How do spirits manifest themselves to you? What do they look like?

To my eyes, spirit people look as solid as you or I.

Tell me about Sam, how did you come to be aware of him?

Sam first introduced himself to me clairaudiently and clairvoyantly when I was in my late teens one night when I was sitting quietly by myself. It was approximately ten years later before I began communicating with Sam properly.

What is it like when you have had a spirit possess you?

I have never been possessed by a spirit person in my life. I have however channelled many spirit people by allowing them to enter my aura and use my earthly voice box to tell people what they have to say. It is something that has to be done with a great deal of care, as you are actually channelling the emotions of the person concerned. If they are angry people, I feel great anger; if they are sad people, then I feel deep sadness. It is not something that should be attempted by anybody other than a person with a great understanding of spirit communication.

Is it rewarding contacting the spirits of people in order to give their family some closure?

Deeply rewarding. There is nothing more wonderful than giving families the proof that the people they thought they would never hear from or see again, still live on in another dimension.

Are you able to shut yourself off from the spirit world or is it always there?

The spirit world is around all of us 24 hours a day for every day of every year. Any responsible medium learns how to close themselves down to the influences of the world of spirit. If we did not, then I am sure we would all go mad.

Should people fear the spirit world or should they learn to embrace it?

There is more to fear from people who inhabit this earthly plain than people from the world of spirit. I find it ludicrous to think that a person’s mother or father, sibling or friend who happened to be in spirit could instil fear into that person. We are not afraid of them when they are living with us. So why on earth should we be afraid of them just because they have passed over in to the heavenly state.

What do you say to people that don’t believe you can contact the spirit world?

I say nothing, why should I? I am not here to try to convert people or to tell them that their belief is wrong. I am happy to let them find out for themselves on the day that they pass over to the spirit world themselves. I do have a saying and I notice that many mediums claim it as their own, but in actuality these words were given to me by Sam my spirit guide many years ago: To the believer no proof is necessary;  to the non-believer, no proof is possible.

Thank you.


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