Movie review: The Hangover: Part II (2011)

The Hangover: Part II is the follow-up to the hilarious and massively successful The Hangover; however this weak second instalment is unfunny, unoriginal and completely unnecessary.

The whole cast of the first movie returns for the sequel, and they’re joined by Mason Lee who plays Teddy.

The movie starts with Phil making a phone call to inform the bride that something had gone horrible wrong, and that the wedding wasn’t going to happen. Flashback to several days before, and Stu is preparing for his wedding in Thailand. Determined not to repeat the groups’ previous mishap in Las Vegas, he decides to cancel his stag party and instead have a stag brunch.
While Phil and Doug are annoyed by the news, they agree not to throw a stag party and the trio (along with Stu’s fiancés brother, Teddy, and Doug’s simpleton brother in law, Alan) make their way to Thailand.
The five friends (or Wolf Pack as Alan dubs them) spend a night on the beach found a campfire just drinking and talking, however the next morning Stu, Alan and Phil wake up in a grotty Bangkok hotel room. They have no memory of the night before, and it soon becomes clear that it was just as eventful as their Les Vegas trip: Stu has a huge tattoo on his face, Alan has lost his hair and they soon discover the room belongs to flamboyant gangster Mr Chow.
They try to question Mr Chow about what happened the night before, but before he starts to tell the tale he dies while snorting a line of cocaine. This forces the lost and confused trio to try to find out all they can about what has happened as well as locating Teddy and making it back to the wedding in time. Their search for answers sees them getting into all kinds of trouble all over the city, from a Buddhist monk temple to a seedy lady-boy strip club.

If you’ve seen the first movie, expect absolutely nothing new or exciting from this one. In the first movie the Wolf Pack capers around in Las Vegas, in the second the Wolf Pack capers around in Bangkok. In the first movie Stu looses a tooth, in the second Stu gets a tattoo. In the first movie they kidnap a tiger, in the second they kidnap a monkey. I could go on.

And the less said about Mike Tyson’s pathetically unfunny and unneeded cameo the better.

The greatest thing about the movie is a monkey that the group have acquired. It’s adorable and provides pretty much all of the laughs with its cheeky antics, from smoking, to meditating, to nibbling on a ‘penis’. Oh, and he has a little bike helmet with a banana on the front.

Also whoever made the decision to make gangster Mr Chow more of a prominent character needs congratulating, he adds a much needed twist to the otherwise stagnant plot and cast.

But in summary, if you’ve seen the first movie, don’t bother with this carbon copy. It’s got a few cheap laughs, but it falls far from the mark and it’s all too obvious that The Hangover: Part II is a blatant attempt to cash in on the success of The Hangover.

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