An interview with…Stevie Riks

Over the years comedian and impressionist Stevie Riks has created hundreds of spoofs for his YouTube channel, and has even found regular work through his hilarious talent for picking out the quirky nuances of the some of the world’s most beloved celebrities.

Born in the small town of Ellesmere Port in Cheshire, Stevie has come a long way. From humble beginning Stevie has gained a global following from his YouTube Channel on which he posts his spoof videos of his many celebrity idols. He has taken part in several television shows including Central Television’s New Faces in 1988 and the BBC’s magazine programme Inside Out. So large has his fan base become that included in that number are many of the celebrities that he impersonates!

Stevie does hundreds of impressions as a tribute to the legends of showbiz. Amongst the many people he effetely impersonates are the Bee Gees, Freddie Mercury, Liam Gallagher, Cliff Richard, and all four of the Beatles. He often puts them in strange, farcical and hilarious situations, for example ‘George Harrison makes a curry’ or ‘Freddie Mercury learns to drive’.

Stevie was happy to answer some of my questions:

When did you fist start doing impressions?

I started doing impressions, so my Mum tells me, at the age of 2. Frankie Vaughan apparently was my very first one. I’m still waiting to be paid for that Performance…a cheque will do!

How do you actually impersonate someone? Is there a process?

Not Really. Usually if I can’t get someone, more or less straight away, then I don’t bother. I’m kind of lazy like that! But I really have to admire someone to hopefully make an impression work. All of my impressions are of my Idols, and I hope that comes across.

Who is your favourite celebrity to impersonate?

It changes daily really; it’s usually the latest one I’m doing. For instance at the moment, its Bob Dylan 1975, complete with the White Face. Hey Ho Hey Ho!

Are there any celebrities that you’ve not been able to master yet?

Lots, Frank Sinatra for one…But there aint many who can doFrank. But yeah, there are many I can’t do, believe me. Josh Gill is another. Haha!

Do you enjoy performing live?

Sometimes. It all depends really. If it’s a gig all of my fans are attending, then yes I love it, it’s awesome. But if it’s a private party, then the answer would be no simply because they don’t really know you, so you’re at a big disadvantage straight away.

What kind of feedback do you get from your many fans (and celebs) around the world?

Wonderful Feedback, Thankfully! It’s mostly kind messages I get. Now and again an angry one will creep through, but that’s all part of the system isn’t it. That’s the beauty of the Internet: you can block people.

What have been the highlights of your career?

I’d say…appearing on TV, playing Wembley Arena and playing The Cavern.

Are there any parts of your career that you regret?

Not really, it’s all been a learning process so I wouldn’t change a thing really. I did what I did and I’m quite happy. Ish!

What are your plans for the future?

It’s in the lap of the Gods really. I haven’t got a plan; I just take each day as it comes. I may write my own TV Series at some point,
Internet based, not for TV. I think TV is finished now, it’s all about the Internet.

Do you have any tips or advice for people wanting to learn how to impersonate?

Just keep practising, and don’t let anyone put you off. If you get knocked down, start again. Believe in yourself and you’ll get there.

Thanks very much.

You’re welcome.

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