Poem – ‘If I Was a Pirate!’

Several years ago I decided that I’d write a book of childrens poems. It started off well enough but due to having a short attention span I only managed to write a few! (Although I do intend to go back and write more one day!) Anyway here’s one of my first attempts at a childrens poem.

If I Was a Pirate

If I was a pirate,
I’d welcome you aboard,
I’d show you my pirate hat,
And my shiny metal sword.

We’d sail off in my ship,
And find a distant land,
That’s always very sunny,
And covered in lots of sand.

We’d wonder down the beach,
To see what we could see,
And I’d pull out my pirate map,
Under a coconut tree.

We’d find the buried treasure,
And using a rusty spade,
We’d quickly dig it up,
And carry it to the shade.

We’d open up the box,
To see what we had won,
A million shiny coins,
As golden as the sun.

Then we’d sit out on the beach,
And look out at the sea,
Because if I was a pirate,
I’d be happy as can be.

Enjoy this poem? Well if you did please check out my ‘Kids Poems’ section for more!

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14 thoughts on “Poem – ‘If I Was a Pirate!’

  1. Maizie says:

    its soooo good! i copied it for my homework but i did change it slightly! thankyou

  2. Carole says:

    Love it! I’m having my students read it during pirate week.

  3. Elliot Rushen says:

    Think the last part should be changed to something along the lines of:
    “I’de pull out my sword,
    Bury it deep in your heart,
    Then you would realise but far to late,
    Trusting a pirate was your biggest mistake”

  4. cath5000 says:

    Thanks for the poem Josh, I’m going to use it with some children that I read with in Primary School, I’m sure they’ll love it!

  5. Paliparty says:

    Yeah it’s really good I copied it down for my homework but I changed it slightly

  6. Kate says:

    Sooo cool, will be using in our pirate week activities!!!

  7. kittyyfierce says:


    Very good though, I’m also using it in school (Year 2)

  8. Jean says:

    This is a perfect poem for our upcoming pirate party for my 6 year old! The kids will all get a copy as a party favor. Thank you Josh!

  9. yousuf qiam says:

    wow its really nice this is i used it for my play

  10. Pat Navasero says:

    Just a question since this poem is supposedly for kids… is it grammatically correct to say: “If I was a pirate…”? I was taught to say: “If I were a pirate…”. Please do enlighten me. Thank you if ever you respond.

  11. palidejo says:

    Excellent! I’m going to use it for the English Day at my school. My students are very excited.

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