Album review: Rusty Anderson – Until We Meet Again

Having already released two albums in the US, guitarist and singer/songwriter Rusty Anderson is to release his first album in the UK: Until We Meet Again.

Best known for being the guitarist in Paul McCartney’s touring band, Rusty is also a fairly successful artist in his own right. He has already released two studio albums in the US: Undressing Underwater in 2003 (re-released in 2005 on a different record label) and Born On Earth in 2009.

The album is primarily a compilation album of his first two albums. However as his music has never had a full scale released in the UK, people won’t have heard the songs before. Tracks 1, 6, 8, 9, 10 and 11 are from Rusty’s first solo album Undressing Underwater and tracks 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 are from his second studio album Born On Earth. The final track is the only song not to have been released before on either side of the pond.

While Rusty is primarily a guitarist, the album isn’t filled with 20 minute screaming solos and thrash metal guitar odysseys. Instead it is filled with well crafted songs with clever and interesting lyrics in various styles ranging from rock, to fast paced surf songs, to muted and subtle acoustic ballads.

The albums first highlight is the catchy and radio friendly Hurt Myself. The song was written and recorded in 2003 while Rusty was touring with Paul McCartney and as a favour to Rusty, the former Beatle added bass and backing vocals on the track. Also present on the song are the rest of Paul’s touring band: Brian Ray, Abe Laboriel Jr and Paul ‘Wix’ Wickens.

The second set of highlights are two acoustic songs: the bouncy ballad Where Would We Go and the gently pining ode Julia Roberts. Where Would We Go is a fun track that explores the idea of finding love but having nowhere to elope in order to be with each other, and Julia Roberts is a fawning love song that was inspired by a dream in which Rusty met the Hollywood star.

Also worthy of a mention is the cool surf-dude tinged Catbox Beach. The one and only instrumental track on the album, this song isn’t a chance for Rusty to show off – instead he accentuates the feel of the track with a relaxed solo that he only lets off of the leash as and when the song dictates.

Sadly owing to the state of the UK charts it is unlikely that the fantastic Until We Meet Again will get into the UK top 10, but based on the song writing and musical talents displayed on the album, it will surely be an album you find taking up residency in your CD player or on your iPod.

If you like the album I would definitely recommend branching out and trying to get your hands on Rusty’s first two albums, Undressing Underwater and Born On Earth. The songs that weren’t included on this album are just as good as the songs that made it through.

Until We Meet Again

Hurt Myself
Born on Earth
Baggage Claim
Where Would We Go
Julia Roberts
Electric Trains
These Are the Days
Devil’s Spaceship
Catbox Beach
Coming Down to Earth
Damaged Goods
Until We Meet Again

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