Social Networking Websites: Which Do You Choose?!

Remember the good old days where the only social networking site was MySpace? That website was literally the best thing since sliced bread to people all over the world!

It was less than a decade ago that MySpace was launched. In 2003 the world was introduced to social networking. You could register to the website, enter in your details, upload a photo and you’re off! All you had to do was search for your friends, ‘add’ them and you could rebuild your life on the internet.

It was a simple and happy time. And then a year later the social networking phenomenon took off and everything changed.

Facebook launched in 2004 and within several months stole a very large percentage of MySpace’s users (as well as attracting the elusive older-teen-to-adult demographic that MySpace just couldn’t draw in.) Facebook changed the world. And the world changed with Facebook. The website offered so much more than its predecessor, and as such became one of the most visited websites on the internet after search engine Google. Even celebrities embraced it, seeing it as a way to communicate with their fans.

However times changed, people changed, and in just a few short years the definition of what people wanted from their social networking sites changed. People now wanted information quickly and concisely. They wanted to say what they had to say as quickly as possible and get it out there for people to see. No long-winded and meandering statuses, just quick manageable nuggets of information. And from that need Twitter was born.

Twitter provided something fresh and different. You can ‘follow’ people and read what they have to say, but they are not forced to ‘follow’ you back. You also have to fit what you do want to say into only 140 characters. That’s only twice as long as that last sentence!

Right now seems to be the golden age of Twitter. It is the social network of choice for millions. From your average working class people going about their business right up to the mega-celebrities and anyone and everyone who’s big and powerful. Leading the way are Katy Perry with close to 16million followers, Justin Beiber with over 18million followers and Lady Gaga with over 20million followers. And when you look at those numbers it’s understandable as to why celebs choose to use Twitter. Because in just a few short sentences they can connect with their followers. Your ordinary average Joe who tweets about stuff can instantly feel more connected to their idols.

What’s the future of social networking sites? Who knows! The fact that Twitter is more than filling the gap in the market and Facebook is still going strong means that we may not see anything ‘new’ for a while. But then it is the internet we’re talking about. And it’s like they say: Anything could happen in the next half hour!

What is YOUR social network of choice? And why do you like it so much!

Please comment in the box below and let me know what you guys think!

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