Hey America! Just sit back and weather the storm like the UK!

As a 22 year old journalism and English student at Coventry University in the UK it’s pretty much a requirement that I have to have my head screwed on as to what’s going on in the world.

Day in and day out I read a whole lot of articles about the current state of America. It seems that taxes are up, fuel prices are sky high, people either love the guy in charge with all of their heart or they hate him with a passion. There’s economic unrest, people are fed up of being told what they can and can’t do, and everything appears to be falling apart at the seams. In other words things seem to be much the same as they are here the UK.

You guys have the seemingly cool and level headed President Barack Obama at the helm of your ship. We have a messed up coalition government vaguely steered by Prime Minister David Cameron.

Obama seems to be your classic Democratic President: Loathed by super-conservative, close-minded, blindly religious racists and a disappointment the tree-hugging super-liberals. But say what you want about your president, by and large he’s a pretty cool guy. He’s the sort of guy that you could imagine going out for a beer with and playing practical jokes on. We’ve got David Cameron: a man so out of touch with the British people he might as well live in a bunker buried deep in the Australian outback.

America and the UK are such a complicated mess. And quite frankly I don’t purport to understand a lot of it. Because quite frankly I don’t. Not one bit. But what I do understand is that there’s obviously a lot of anger on both sides of the pond. Anger that things aren’t being done that people want doing, anger that things are being done that people don’t want doing, anger at things that are being done but people don’t realise that they do (or don’t) want doing. Like I said, it’s complicated.

There seems to be a lot of anger at the fact that many millionaires and billionaires slipped through the cracks last year and avoided paying taxes. The President seems to be doing his best to remedy the situation, and for all his faults so is our Prime Minister. Whether anything will actually get done remains to be seen, but at least the problems have been acknowledged, which is a start I suppose.

Unemployment is rocketing just as it is here in the UK. At the age of 19 I left college and was ready to go out into the big wide world and find myself a job. None were to be found. So I went back to college for another year in hopes things would get better. A year later there were still no jobs. I then applied to do my current university course in hopes that when it’s over in 2013 there will be more jobs available. I’m under no illusions that there will be.

A recent report in the UK announced that many parents have to go without food in order to feed their children. It seems that this is also the case for you guys too. Now let me ask this question: how has it got to this stage? We’re both first world countries with first world standards, and it seems incomprehensible that we are at the stage where we have to forgo FOOD to make ends meet.

On both sides of the pond we need a real cash injection to give our economies a much needed boost. ‘Where is this cash going to come from?’ I hear you cry. ‘We’re already being taxed to the eyeballs, this stone has no more blood left to squeeze!’ I can’t even begin to imagine how our poor countries can be fixed. I’m just a journalism student in gloomy old Coventry in the gloomy old United Kingdom; I don’t have the answers to this. And I’m pretty sure you guys don’t have the answers either. But then it isn’t our job to have the answers, is it. It’s the job of those in charge (or those wanting to be in charge.)

In the end I think there is always going to be something wrong about one thing or another. It keeps us interested and engaged with the nation we live in. The UK is pretty much down and out at the minuet, and even your mighty nation is on its knees, but things will get better. The polls indicate that you guys acknowledge that your economy is improving. Your own personal America won’t change overnight, but change will come. For the time being you’ve just got to sit tight and weather the storm like us here in the UK. And if it’s any consolation, out of the two of us you guys have the better accents…!

So what do YOU think about the way America is going? Please leave your comments below and follow me on Twitter @JoshyGill

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One thought on “Hey America! Just sit back and weather the storm like the UK!

  1. Vithya says:

    Well thought out, and well written.
    It’s a bit enlightening too.

    Will drop by again, and hoping to read more.


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