Wake up and smell the atheism! God isn’t real!

Frodo Baggins. Luke Skywalker. Harry Potter…everyone knows and accepts these are fictitious characters from movies and books, created to provide entertainment. So why when the subject of God being fictitious is brought up do people get all hoity-toity?

As John Lennon once famously sang “God is a concept by which we measure our pain.” While this undeniable deep and probably true, I’d have tweaked the lyrics somewhat. I’d have said that God is a concept by which we measure our rationality. And to me believing in God and creationism is right up on the ‘call-for-the-men-in-white-coats’ end of the rationality scale.

How can people side with the theory of creationism when there is a wall of evidence for evolutionism?! I can’t even begin to describe how shallow and fickle minded people must be if they categorically believe literally everything was created by ‘God’ in only six days. The sun, the earth, the sky, the stars, man, woman…everything.

And even Adam Savage of the Discovery Channels Mythbusters has said “I’m sick of fifty percent of [America] thinking creationism is reasonable!”

It’s incomprehensibly irrational be in denial of the evolution theory because the evidence is damning. Evolution vs. creationism is like pitting a fully grown, hungry, angry tyrannosaurus rex against a friendly kitten. We all know what the outcome’s going to be but there is always going to be a daft bunch that fully roots for the Desmond the kitten.

When we eventually die, what happens? There have been millions of people wanting to know what happens when after death. Well I’ll tell you what happens. You either get put in a box and buried, or put in a box and burnt. It’s not the nicest thing to think about, but it’s what happens. But there are people that choose to believe that when we die we’re all going to ascend to Heaven and float around wearing crisp white robes and halos and playing harps. And if people do believe that then that’s alright, if it gives them some comfort and hope then I have no problem with them believing it.

Comedian Ricky Gervais has brought the subject of atheism back into the spotlight via his Twitter account, relentlessly and remorselessly dismissing any notions of their being a God/Gods. He stands firmly behind his beliefs (or lack thereof) with tweets such as: “Everyone has the right to believe anything they want. However illogical. And anyone else has the right to find it fucking ridiculous” and “we shouldn’t even need the word “atheism”. If people didn’t invent ridiculous imaginary Gods, rational people wouldn’t have to deny them.”

Personally I’m 110% behind Mr Gervais and Mr Savage. Once again I want to point out that people can believe what they want to! It’s a free world so live and let live! If it makes you feel better or helps you sleep at night then that’s your prerogative and more power to you. But don’t shove it in the face of those who don’t believe because it’s really not going to help your case. And before you say it, it’s not like I can’t see where the religious people are coming from. I’m well read on both sides of the argument. Up until the age of 10 or 11 I used to go to a church school, so I was bombarded with dogmatic and narrow minded Christian views for many years.

But in the end I’m an atheist. An atheist and a realist. While atheism and realism may not be completely happy go lucky and occasionally downright bleak, the fact remains that THIS IS IT. We’re born, we live, and we die. We come from nothing, we go to nothing. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.

End of story.

What do YOU believe? Please comment below and follow me on Twitter @JoshyGill

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5 thoughts on “Wake up and smell the atheism! God isn’t real!

  1. People do have the right to their own beliefs. . . it is just that now, god and even more than that religion is a pretext to complicate things. In many ways.

  2. maryfollowsthelamb says:

    Well, I believe there was a Creator because there is no other possible explanation for the Universe. As for religion, I’m not so sure about it. I think for the most part religion was invented by humans to control other humans.

    Many people think that science and evolution are in direct opposition to a belief in God. I don’t think so. Science is learning the how and why of things. God gave us a brain, so why would it be wrong to learn? Evolution? Again, why would it be in opposition to God? How do we know what was planned? We actually don’t. Everything is speculation on our part – belief or not.

    If you are interested in learning more about this, I suggest a book titled “The Case For Christ” by Lee Strobel. He was a reporter for a Chicago newspaper and decided to investigate the question of God. He examines all the aspects including science and evolution with a hearty sprinkling of quotes from authorities in all fields pertaining to the subject. Interesting reading.

  3. bulent says:

    I am a muslim so please read from that perspective.

    Now first of all I think that the question of “evolutionism vs creationism” does not have much to do with the existance of a God. Evolution actually answers the question of how human beings and all biological life happened to be. Creationists argue (without any scientific proof) that humans happened in a moment (or days) just as every other thing in our universe. Whereas evolution is only dealing with living things and says that living things have biological behaviour governed by biological laws, just as nonliving things do have their own laws of behaviour. Fundamentally it says that any living thing (in our earth) you see today has evolved from other more primitive forms on a step by step, day by day basis,(albeit how exactly one form evolves into another explicitly cannot be answered) which depends on many factors such as environment, genetics, life cycles. Evolution is a very reasonable mechanism just triying to explain in an objectve way how biological life exists in our Erath. Note that from this perspective evolution is just dealing with life on a single planet and it can hardly be called as a universal theory, compared to theories of physics, chemistry or mathematics which are known to hold in every part of observable universe. Also Evolution does not, necessarily, deny the existance of a God just as planetary celestial mechanics does not deny it. In fact no scientific theory could do that. Since then such a theory would not belong to the domain of Science but to the philosophical theology which is not an objective and experimental subject. Now for those people who argue that science disproofs the existance of a God, I am sorry to say that it is science, not the God, which does not exist! Science does not exist as an object on its own self, rather it is just an object in our minds. Science is a function of human mind and it is a tool for explaining how our universe works. Therefore if you say that matter does exist, then science does not exists in that sense.

    Now a more direct question to the existance of God would be, how then everything happens to exist? Note again that study of this question does not belong to the domain of modern day science. Rather it is involved in philosophy and especially metaphysics (that branch of philosophy (may be the root!) which concerns questions of how things are, how they exist)

    I would say, everything is created by God and things behave in such a way so that we can use our minds as a tool to create a thinking framework (structure) called science to explain its dynamics,i.e. how it works.

    How would you explan the otherwise? Now in a moment say that God does not exist. Then simply answer the following question, how then the universe exists if a God did not create it? Your only possible answer is that universe exists by itself. Then I would ask, wouldnt you call such a magnificent thing (the universe) which can exist by itself as nothing but a God? Since because it is just another definition of God, the thing that can exist by itself? Therefore you could see that there is no otherwise. By definition either an entity apart from this universe which exists by itself and creates our universe (Islamic and Christian View) or the very universe itself (Some Folkloric Views) is a God. So there is always a God. But it is still a belief.

    Can we completely understand the God simply by observing our universe alone? I think not. Using some mathematical analogy might help. You can model, assuming the permission from Him, God as a very complex, high dimensional entity, a math object,
    existing in a high dimensional space and humans (and our universe) as objects in a much lower dimensional subspace.
    In math we have the concept of “projecting” complex objects of high dimensional spaces into lower dimensional ones. The projection certainly belongs to the complex object but in a language understandable by the rules of the lower dimensional subspace. Now by observing such a projection alone would be inadequate to completely specify the complex object itself. So in our environment everything we observe about a God is simply a limited projecton of the complete Self of it.

    How then can human beings reach to the conclusion of a God’s existance, from such incomplete obeservation of the limited projections of a Him into our subspace? That ability is called the Mind, which can imagine, or create, high dimeansional objects from their low dimensional projections. Can you remember youth games of completing the points? You complete the points by simple lines and your mind creates the concept of a much complex object. I think that it is this very talent of our mind which enables us to imagine the existance of a God.

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