House MD retrospective – Season 3

With the last ever episode of House MD, Everybody Dies (airing in the US on May 21st), billed to be the finale of all finales, I take a retrospective look back over the development of the characters and winding plots of the cult Fox medical drama continuing with season 3.

First let’s meet season 3’s line-up of characters! First there is the iconic, maverick, grumpy, witty, pill-popping eponymous star of the show: Dr Gregory House. A decade previous to the first episode, House had previously suffered an infarction in his right leg that doctors were slow to diagnose and treat, resulting House having a limp and having to use a cane to help him walk. Due to his constant pain he tends to be short tempered with people and pushes those close to him away.

Working alongside House is his much abused team consisting of Dr Eric Foreman, Dr Allison Cameron and Dr Robert Chase. They were handpicked to be in Houses team for a variety of reasons: Foreman often disagrees with House and tries to find theories to prove him wrong, Chase often agrees with House and often tries to find theories to prove him right, and Cameron is the groups moral compass, constantly trying to do what is morally right by the patient. The three of them form a kind of wall for House to bounce his ideas off of.

Keeping House in check are his boss, Dr Lisa Cuddy, and his one true Friend, Dr James Wilson. House will often butt heads with the two of them as they are not afraid to say no to him and sometimes put their foot down in order to stop him from going too far.

Season 3 of House MD, aired between September 5th 2006 and May 29th 2007, finds House recovering well from his gunshot wounds at the end of the previous season. He was treated with Ketamine as he instructed and his leg has recovered and is pain free. While House is content with this for a short while he slides back into using a cane and Vicodin and soon develops the same old limp he had.

Soon enough House finds himself up against someone equally as stubborn as him: Detective Michael Tritter. Tritter came in for a check up, however House (having an unusually bad day) ends up inserting an anal thermometer, leaving the room and not returning. Incensed and embarrassed by House’s actions and lack of apology, Tritter arrests him for having too much Vicodin with no prescriptions. Investigating House for drug dealing, Tritter questions Foreman, Cameron and Chase about their boss’s drug habits. When none of them give him any solid evidence he freezes their bank accounts as part of the investigation and moves on to putting unbearable amounts of pressure on Wilson who eventually cooperates.

Wilson, Cuddy and House’s team are forced to not give in to his demands for Vicodin, effectively forcing him to detox. House being House, he finds a way around the situation and makes it look like he is kicking the habit. Cuddy falsifies medical records and gives House a glowing character reference in court in order to get the case dismissed. Tritter thinks House has learnt his lesson and finally leaves him, his team and Wilson alone.

The season finale sees the disbandment of House’s team. He fires Chase for standing up to him, and Foreman and Cameron both resign. While he would never admit it House values this team and the work they do and dislikes the change, but because he is too proud and stubborn he is left all alone.


Dr Gregory House – Hugh Laurie
Dr Eric Foreman – Omar Epps
Dr Robert Chase – Jesse Spencer
Dr Allison Cameron – Jennifer Morrison
Dr James Wilson – Robert Sean Leonard
Dr Lisa Cuddy – Lisa Edelsten
Det Michael Tritter – David Morse

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