Short Story – Jimmy Parrot and his Non-Holiday to Spain

There was once this parrot called Jimmy that lived deep in a fridge. He didn’t like the warmth and enjoyed frozen peas and chilled beverages. One day he decided he needed a holiday, so he zipped from the fridge as quickly as he could and went and booked a holiday to Spain. The lady told him Spain was a hot place but Jimmy parrot said it was okay as he would take some cold with him and he would be fine. So he was getting all excited about his holiday, and then the day finally came and Jimmy parrot was so excited he literally punched his feathered fist clean through a biscuit. He got to the airport in good time, with his case full of coldness in his hand, and looked at the departure board, and due to a baggage handlers strike in Spain his flight was cancelled. He couldn’t get on another flight due to the high demand, and because he paid for the holiday in cash he wasn’t ATOL protected and couldn’t get his money back. It was a horrific situation and Jimmy parrot ended up on anti-depressants.

The end.

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