Press Release: HMS Rodney Slayer of the Bismarck and D-Day Saviour

The Royal Navy Battleship HMS Rodney was one of the most feared battleships of the Second World War, and this book explores the many heroic adventures and missions of the vessel that took part in some of the grizzliest battles of one of the most terrible and bloodiest wars in history.

First crushing the flagship Bismarck, the pride of Hitler’s navy, and later taking part in the epic D-Day landings the HMS Rodney quickly became a maritime legend and will be remembered as one of the most revered vessels in the history of the Royal Navy. Through the eyewitness accounts of her sailors and marines we discover what it was like to live and fight in a battleship at war. There is even an account of how a group of HMS Rodney’s sailors took part in a trailblazing British Commando raid.
As well as recounting the life of the battleship that took part in World War II, the book also covers the stories of previous British battleships that carried the name Rodney, dating back to the four-gun cutter first commissioned in1750 and the vessel that took part on the batteries at Sevastopol during the Crimean War. We learn of the many famous fighting admirals who served in, or commanded, Rodney, including Admiral Sir Andrew Cunningham and Admiral Sir John Tovey. It all makes for a thrilling, epic account of naval warfare
The book takes you chronologically through the events, right from the designing and commissioning of the first ever HMS Rodney, through it’s various incarnations, focussing mainly on the final incarnation deployed during World War II, right up to it’s final decommissioning after the war in 1946.

Iain Ballantyne, who was born In Scotland but has lived in England for most of his life, numbers among his forebears builders of ships, a naval dockyard doctor, as well as reputedly the master of a tall ship and both merchant marine and Royal Navy sailors.

RRP: £16.99
Paperback, 288 pages
ISBN: 9781848848702
Published: 23rd May 2012
Publisher: Pen and Sword

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