Live review: Greg Davies – The Back of My Mum’s Head Tour – Warwick Arts Centre (19th October 2012)

Best known for playing the psychotic Mr Gilbert in the hit Brit comedy The Inbetweeners, Greg Davies once again hit the road for his second tour of the UK, stocked with an arsenal of infectiously intense and childish bunch of jokes and stories.

Opening for Greg Davies was the fantastic Ed Gamble, who warmed the audience up, bantering with most of the front row and providing some hearty laughs (especially when trying to establish if Warwick was actually in Coventry or not). A relatively unknown comedian, Ed has a spontaneous, quick and witty sense of humour, and he would fit nicely alongside the real comedy heavyweights on panel shows such as 8 Out of 10 Cats, Mock the Week and Celebrity Juice. Ed Gamble provided a brilliant juxtaposition with Greg Davies’s sometimes deadpan, sometimes downright childish sense of humour.

Following on from his first live show, Firing Cheeseballs at a Dog, this show is packed with many hilarious anecdotes from Greg’s life. He is a master of storytelling and while his last tour focused mainly on his father’s strangeness, this tour focused more on his mother’s strangeness and some on the inexplicably naive and dim witted things she tends to come out with.

And fittingly it was his mother that inspired the tours name: The tour is called The Back of My Mum’s head as over the course of his life Greg has repeatedly been caught by his mum doing strange things or in odd situations, and the thing that has always stuck with him are the countless memories of seeing the back of her head as she’s walking out of a room saying “it’s not normal, love”.

Stories from the show included how he thought him and his family were going to be killed during a road trip in America, the socially awkward set of circumstances him and his friends found themselves in at a music festival, and how over the years he has become a fantastic lover but at his age he simply cannot be bothered anymore.

Harping back to his previous career as a (real) teacher, Greg had set out a ‘show schedule’ on a board, including such categories such as: ‘Live role play’, ‘discrediting of children’ and ‘fun with a racist’. Another of the boards contained the sentence ‘So will there be another series of The Inbetweeners?’ – a question asked to him by his doctor during a intimate and altogether embarrassing medical examination. Greg replied with his deadpan/psychopathic/blank stare and said “no doctor, because those boys are now fucking middle aged!”

Instead of the usual encore, Greg returned to the stage (complete with an amusingly small guitar for a man of his size) and rounded the show off with a self penned perennial song that would convey an uplifting, possibly spiritual message of hope to many people in the audience. Personally I just think the song was another way for him to get his brilliantly childish sense of humour across in song form, and it worked amazingly well! The inexplicably strange and out of the blue song even prompted a mass audience sing-along!

After the show Greg spent over an hour in the foyer of the Warwick Arts Centre giving autographs and posing for photographs with everyone, showing that he isn’t the unapproachable psycho he is made out to be on The Inbetweeners. People left Warwick Arts Centre feeling happy, uplifted, and inexplicably glad that they’re not a bonsai tree…!

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