Female Bloggers from a Male Point of View!

It is an established fact that the world of blogging is primarily dominated by girls/women, many of them blogging about things that they think that other girls/women care about. But as a man, trawling through the abundance of ego stroking blogs by women provides equal amounts of amusement and annoyance.

A quick visit to some of the big blogging sites such as WordPress, Blogspot or Blogger reveals that the main bulk of blogs by women focus on fashion. ‘My Favourite Outfit’, ‘Outfit of the Week’ or even ‘Outfit of the Day’. The first thing that sprung to my mind was ‘who actually cares?!?!’ Who’s going to visit your blog with the sole purpose of checking out your latest outfit? I’ll tell you who: other bloggers that blog about the same thing and who ironically do not care about your look as they are too busy perfecting their own.

And why take 27,000 photographs of each outfit from every angle possible and in every pose possible?! Just get one full length photo of you stood there nicely (maybe even smiling) and that’s it, wham-bam-thank-ya-ma’am,  JOB DONE!

They will take to Twitter and make posts such as “Oh I LOVE this new dress from @Whoever, I wish I could afford one/they would send me one so I can review it on my oh-so-popular blog!” If you want something THAT much to review for your oh-so-popular blog, save up and buy it yourself! Don’t go mentioning the company in a tweet in hopes they will notice it and send you something.

It’s the same with makeup. Girls will blog about ridiculously expensive makeup. £40 for some foundation? £35 for some eyeliner? It’s madness…and a massive rip off! But then, as with the clothes, they tweet about them (obviously not forgetting to tag the company) in order to get more sent for free. What sort of commoner garden woman (and I mean that in the least offensive way possible!) can regularly go out and spend THAT MUCH on makeup. If you’re spending that much on covering up your ‘imperfections’ (which, by the way, no man would EVER notice) then you’ve got issues. Or maybe I’m just missing the point.

And what does it say about girls that blog about their makeup and clothes and how they look and how they smell etc etc etc. To me it seems like they do it for one of two reasons:

  1. They are self proclaimed ‘celebrities’ that love themselves so much that they want people to read their posts, adore them and their ‘look of the day’ and leave comments pandering to their already over inflated egos, OR…
  2. They have real issues and they feel they need to post about themselves so much in order to garner the approval of other people, ipso facto validating their blog/existence and somehow giving their blog/lives some sort of meaning.

Either way, the need some sort of help.

I will say that not EVERY blog by a woman is like this! Some women are actually not so self-centred and narcissistic and blog about affordable products and don’t try to suck-up to companies in order to get freebies. And I take my hat off to these women, because it is their blogs that are the realistic, practical blogs aimed at your commoner garden women (again, I mean that in the least offensive way possible!)

And to these girls I say…keep it up! To us men, you girls that don’t constantly worry about your makeup or what you’re wearing every single day are by-and-large more interesting, pretty and fun. You girls that don’t take to your blogs day after day to show yourself off like some wannabe celeb are more attractive and appealing. And most importantly you girls that can’t afford to blog about your latest pair of £300 shoes or diamond studded bag or extortionate dresses might not have as many followers, pages of comments or companies sending you boxes of stuff, but your blog posts are infinitely more useful and practical than anything the wannabe celebs could ever do.

Or at least, that’s MY view…! I await the female backlash!

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One thought on “Female Bloggers from a Male Point of View!

  1. love this =D and you’re not the only one who feels this way. there’s me (a female blogger), and also the splendid shamepuff.com..

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