Poem – ‘What Is It All About?’

A thrusting, audacious and cutting edge poem dealing with life, death and everything inbetween, asking questions that we were all thinking but daren’t ask. And by asking questions that we were all thinking but daren’t ask I mean questions that no one was thinking to even think about asking. Actually looking at it in the cold light of day it just asks more questions than it answers really. Like the ramblings of a madman.

What Is It All About?

What is it all about?
I mean really?
What is it ALL about?
Is it all about you and me and us?
Is it all about him and her and them?
Is it all about up and down and around?
Is it all about yesterday and today and tomorrow?
Is it all about this and that and those?
Is it all about reality and non reality and surreality?
Is it all about apostrophes and ecstasy and shipwrecks?
Is it all about pelicans and bangles and Tupperware?
Is it all about zorbing and quail eggs and stencils?
Is it all about alarm clocks and titanium and green liquid?
Is it all about carpets and sheds and loud noises?
Is it all about aliens and flip flops and scooters?
Is it all about nuns and spaghetti and beer mats?
Is it all about receptacles and hinges and 17th century erotic novels?
Is it all about missiles and pendulums and bovines?
Is it all about sheaths and suitcases and aristocrats?
Is it all about towels and docile bears and erections?
Is it all about vanilla and consonants and kilns?
Is it all about shampoo and fossils and bumberclarts?
Is it all about crotchets and lamp shades and pescatarians?
Is it all about shrubbery and water pistols and elbows?
Is it all about right angles and sneezes and vajazzles?
Is it all about mint tea and snorkels and Back to the Future?
Is it all about zips and bisons and vitamins?
Is it all about planets and vampires and clogs?
So what is it all about?
What’s the answer?
Do you know…?
Does he know…?
Does she know…?
I don’t know!
Urgh…forget it.

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