David Bowie breaks his decade-long silence

Ziggy Stardust himself has shocked the music world by releasing has first single in 10 years, leaving many fans exhilarated Bowie is out of retirement and intrigued as to what new direction the veteran rock star will head in next.

Coinciding with David Bowie’s 66th birthday the brand new single Where Are We Now? has been release alongside news of an album titled The Next Day that is scheduled for release in March.

While there has never been a shortage of fans for Bowie and his music, the decade long silence had left many in doubt that he would ever release any music again. However he has shocked both them AND music insiders with the release. In the modern age of Twitter and Facebook there are hardly any secrets anymore, however news of Bowie’s upcoming album has come completely out of the blue for everyone.

Having last performed live in 2006, Bowie has scarcely been seen in public since, leading to rumours about a possible deteriorating health – a rumour his spokesperson vehemently denied. He even turned down the opportunity to appear at London Olympics 2012 Opening Ceremony despite a personal plea from organiser Danny Boyle.

Long term collaborator Tony Visconti produced Bowie’s new single and oversaw the songs recording in New York, where he was last reported to be living with his wife and daughter. The accompanying (and strangely creepy) video was directed by Tony Oursler, harking back to Bowie’s time in Berlin.

The Next Day will consist of 14 new songs plus 3 bonus tracks, and will be released March 8th in Australia, March 12th in America and March 11th in the rest of the world.

You can keep up to date with all the latest news on David Bowie’s official website.

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