Movie review: House Hunting (2013)

From the moment I heard about this movie, I had a sneaking suspicion House Hunting was just going to have the obvious plotlines, predictable ‘scares’ and the standard two-dimensional characters. How right I was.

The premise of the story is that two families are viewing a show home in a remote part of the woods, when they discover a terrified girl who has had her tongue cut out. They try to drive to the hospital but keep ending up back at the house. For hours they try to escape back to the main road to no avail.

Effectively trapped, they are driven crazy and begin attacking each other. The father of one of the families, Charlie Hays (Marc Singer) tries so hard to protect his daughter Emmy (Janey Gioiosa) that he ends up killing many of the people, including the evil stepmother, and the tonguless girl they rescued.

Terrified of her father, the daughter eventually shoots him and manages to escape to the road only to be found by another set of families on their way to visit the show home.

There isn’t much else to this movie. It is very predictable and offers nothing audiences haven’t seen a billion times before. Although the characters are on the brink of taking the art of stupid decision making to a whole new level: Stay safe in the house or wonder off into the woods where people have died? Any normal person would choose the nice, relatively safe house. Not these characters though. They plod dumbly and noisily off into the darkness and then they wonder why they wake up dead!

If you haven’t already gathered, House Hunting and I didn’t really get on. As a fan of the genre I have put up with my fair share of bad, corny scary movies, but unless they’re showing it on TV and there is literally nothing else to watch, this is definitely a movie to miss.

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2 thoughts on “Movie review: House Hunting (2013)

  1. Brooke says:

    I enjoyed this movie quite a lot. Many parts were predictable, but I do like the feel of a good ol’ fashion horror in the woods type deal. For those that do not watch a lot of supernatural horrors, I think this is a good one for that sort of visual experience.

  2. Marcus says:

    You know, I actually thought the complete opposite. If the girl already discovered how to get out of the house and furthermore, there is proof (letters from mailbox)… Why didn’t they just all leave instead of going back to the house to die? They all deserved what they got for being such idiots

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