Movie review: Give My Regards To Broad Street (1984)

Being a fan of Paul McCartney, I sat down fully expecting to enjoy Give My Regards To Broad Street. Sadly it quickly became evident that despite the great music, the movie was purely self-indulgence on Macca’s part.

The movie depicts an average day in the life of Paul McCartney. Upon starting his day he is informed that the master tapes for his upcoming album have gone missing. He has only 24 hours to find the tapes before his company is taken over by Mr. Rath (John Bennett). After frantically searching the recording studio (cue a song) the film studio (cue a song) and many other places (cue many other songs), Paul eventually finds the master tapes in the possession of an employee who had accidently locked himself in a shed in a railway station. As you do.

Starring two of the four Beatles, Give My Regards To Broad Street is more a string of music videos loosely strung together with a less than exciting plot. The bulk of the songs are Paul’s old Beatles, Wings and solo hits rerecorded in a slightly more 80’s kind of way, and while none of the reimagined versions match the originals, the undeniable charm of the originals still shine through. Of the three new songs premiered in the movie, No More Lonely Nights (featuring Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour on lead guitar) made quite an impact in the charts, reaching #2 and # n the UK and US respectively.

Overall the music is solid, and even the acting can’t be considered bad, however it is the plain, uninspired plot that lets the movie down. While it is certainly one to see for the completist collectors out there, it isn’t one that even the most diehard fans would be clamouring to see very often.

Songs featured in the movie (in chronological order):

Good Day Sunshine
Here, There and Everywhere
Ballroom Dancing
Silly Love Songs
Not Such a Bad Boy
So Bad
No Values
For No One
Eleanor Rigby
The Long and Winding Road
No More Lonely Nights

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2 thoughts on “Movie review: Give My Regards To Broad Street (1984)

  1. audi says:

    This review is actually better than the movie. Well-summarized! Too bad the film had such a sluggish momentum. At least I now finally understand what the movie was SUPPOSED to be.

  2. Josh Gill says:

    Glad you enjoyed the review. It wasn’t the WORST movie ever, but…it would have had no effect on my life if I had never seen it! haha

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