The Bayonets are ready to strike!

World renowned singer/songwriters Brian Ray and Oliver Leiber have hit the studio, teaming up to release a string of singles with their brand new band The Bayonets.

The two friends are no strangers to working together, having co-written around half of Brian Ray’s two solo albums Mondo Magneto and This Way Up. The next logical step in their partnership was to work together towards what would eventually become The Bayonets.

The Bayonets began recording their songs over the summer of 2012, drafting in friends and musicians including Scott Shriner (Weezer), Adam MacDougall (Black Crowes), Davey Faragher (Elvis Costello) and Lucrecia López Sanz (from Argentina’s Nube 9).

One of the songs, Vagabong Soul, will even feature Steven Tyler contributing a “screamin’ demon guest vocal and a killer harmonica solo too!”

Both Brian and Oliver have been quick to point out that the tracks recorded are NOT from an album or EP, but they are a one off set of songs, and urge music lovers everywhere to get them while they’re hot! Whether or not The Bayonets record anymore songs or maybe even decide to tour remains to be seen!

The band have recorded five songs together and they will be releasing one song every seven weeks starting with their debut track Sucker For Love, which will be available from  tomorrow (February 14th). The next single will be released on April 4th, followed by a third on May 23rd and finally singles four and five on July 4th.

You will be able to buy each and every single from They can be bought either on their own or in bundles containing limited edition merchandise, with $1 for each and every bundle sold going to the Pet Adoption Fund.

Given the high quality of Brian and Oliver’s previous collaborations and the buzz surrounding their current venture, you need to crank up the volume, let down your guard and brace yourselves for The Bayonets.

Single Reviews

Single 1Sucker For Love
Single 2 – ???
Single 3 – ???
Single 4 – ???
Single 5 – ???

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4 thoughts on “The Bayonets are ready to strike!

  1. audi says:

    Steven Tyler’s on the album?? Too cool!

    • Josh Gill says:

      Yeah. Not an album though, it’s just 5 singles and Steven Tyler’s on one of them (Vagabond Soul)! Kind of a cool way to work, don’t ya think! By the way, if your very own rock star Sur Rod needs a little publicity I will do my best to help!

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