Single review: The Bayonets – Sucker For Love

Released (very appropriately) on Valentine’s Day, The Bayonets debut single Sucker For Love is a 60’s tinged, bouncy and infectious track that has you hooked on its stark guitars, thumping drums and unadorned lyrics.

The song is deceptively simple, very raw and without pretention. The scene is set by a real 60’s Vox Continental organ playing the intriguing four note riff, and by the time the hammond organ, drums, bass and guitar kick in you’re hooked. Sucker For Love is a fun and breezy rocker about a guys unashamed admission that he is indeed head over heels in love with some girl.

Parts of the song verge on surfy and even reggae, with syncopated drums and bass playfully hiccupping towards the spiky, rocking chorus where the excited tension of the Brian’s vocal is almost tangible. The well crafted lyrics and straight forwards arrangement, Sucker For Love is a brilliant rock/pop song that encapsulates the mood of the most romantic day of the year perfectly.

The band is tight with a special mention going to Lucrecia López Sanz whose soft, sighing, exotic backing vocals (and add a certain something not often heard in songs of this ilk.

Led by Brian Ray and Oliver Leiber, The Bayonets began recording their songs over the summer of 2012, drafting in friends and musicians including Scott Shriner (Weezer), Adam MacDougall (Black Crowes), Davey Faragher (Elvis Costello) and Lucrecia López Sanz (from Argentina’s Nube 9).

The band have recorded five songs together, with their debut track Sucker For Love having being released on the Valentine’s Day of 2013. The next single will be released on April 4th, followed by a third on May 23rd and finally singles four and five on July 4th.

Sucker For Love is available from as a digital download only, or you can purchase one of three bundles that include photos and special pewter guitar pick charms. Additionally the fifth single will be made free to anyone who bought any of the four previous bundles with $1 for each and every bundle sold going to the Pet Adoption Fund. You can head over to iTunes to get your hands and ears on the single.

And if that wasn’t good enough the first 100 bundles bought will also have the photos hand signed by Brian Ray and Oliver Leiber. Fans that purchase all 5 singles will be automatically entered into a contest where they can win some exclusive prizes.

Get ready to hear more from The Bayonets in the future. They’ve struck, they’ve got a taste for blood, and just like Arnie…they’ll be back!

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4 thoughts on “Single review: The Bayonets – Sucker For Love

  1. audi says:

    Looks like Brian’s going to have another great year, commercially.

  2. […] Sucker For Love – The song that kicked it all off for The Bayonets, Sucker For Love is a bouncy and fun slice of pop rock. An infectiously catchy hook played on a retro sounding synthesizer provides the foundation for one of the most care-free and easy tracks on the album. (Full review of the single here) […]

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