Steven Van Zandt is a sucker for The Bayonets

As if anyone was in any doubt as to their coolness, The Bayonets’ debut single Sucker For Love has already been labeled March’s “Coolest Song In The World” by Stevie Van Zandt’s Underground Garage radio show.

Van Zandt, guitarist for Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band and star of HBO’s ‘The Sopranos’, was quick to pick up on The Bayonets’ bouncy, raw and rocking single Sucker For Love, despite it being released only days ago!

He took such a shine to the song that he created his own ‘radio edit’ that will be featured as the “Coolest Song In The World”, a regular feature on the Underground Garage radio show on Sirius XM Radio that he founded and has supervised since 2003.

Previous bands that have had their tracks named as “Coolest Song In The World” include Primal Scream, the New York Dolls, The Raconteurs.

You can hear The Bayonets (and hundreds of other fantastic bands from the 50’s onwards) on Underground Garage in a variety of ways: If you’re in North America you can tune in on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 21 and XM Satellite Radio channel 21 or on satellite TV on the DISH Network Channel 6025. You can also tune in worldwide by listening online at the Sirius/XM Radio website.

The Bayonets, fronted by singer/songwriters Brian Ray and Oliver Leiber, have recorded five songs together with their debut track Sucker For Love having been released on Valentine’s Day. The next single will be released on April 4th, followed by a third on May 23rd and finally singles four and five on July 4th.

Sucker For Love is available to buy from as a digital download only, or you can purchase one of three bundles that include photos and special pewter guitar pick charms. Additionally the fifth single will be made free to anyone who bought any of the four previous bundles with $1 for each and every bundle sold going to the Pet Adoption Fund. You can also head over to iTunes to get your hands and ears on the single.

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