Brian Ray hints at Bayonets vinly LP

Despite The Bayonets initially saying they were only going to be releasing their five singles and that would be that, lead singer Brian Ray has hinted on Twitter at a possible vinly LP coming from the band towards the end of the year.

Before the band had even decided on a release date for their first single, both Brian and Oliver Leiber were quick to point out that the tracks recorded by the pair (with a revolving cast of fellow musicians with a little sprinkling of Aerosmith rocker Steven Tyler) were NOT intended for an album or EP, but instead were a one off set of songs.

But in response to a question from a fan about whether a Bayonets album was on the cards, Brian responded with: “singles for now. Maybe vinly LP at the end in fall”.

The Bayonets have had considerable success with their debut single Sucker For Love, which was released on Valentines day, so it should please fans to hear that the band may not just be a 5-single-flash-in-the-pan after all.

All singles will be available to download from as well as iTunes and Amazon. If you order from Brian’s official website there is also a chance to bag yourself some exclusive Bayonets merchandise, so head over there first and see what’s on offer!

But if news of a possible vinly LP hasn’t gotten you excited enough, a little extra info about The Bayonets’ first single PLUS some hot-off-the-press news about the second single (released April 4th) is due within the next week, so stay tuned…!

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