The Bayonets’ Sucker For Love video shoot gets underway

Following on from the recent exciting news that Steven Van Zandt would be releasing a radio edit of The Bayonets’ Sucker For Love towards the end of March, Brian Ray has been busy stretching his acting muscles filming the songs new music video.

Steven’s radio edit, which is fully endorsed by The Bayonets, will be premiered on Sunday March 24th and will receive maximum airplay for six weeks at Little Steven’s Underground Garage found on SiriusXM, Station 21 as well as his 170 (satellite and terrestrial) radio markets in the US, and in 180 countries worldwide.

Also during the first week of the six week run on Underground Garage, Sucker For Love will be awarded the prestigious title: “Coolest Song In The World”!

To coincide with the radio release The Bayonets will also be embarking on a wider radio release of Sucker For Love and releasing a funky and funny music video as part of the campaign.

Filming for the video started today, and while on set Brian gave fans a tantalising (if slightly baffling) glimpse behind the scenes, Tweeting a photo of his new character:

At this point no one’s too certain who Cliff Burnside is or what his role in the video will be, but if he’s anything like the song the video will be accompanying he will be brash, bold and pretty damn awesome. And if the fantastic while hair and moustache combo are anything to go by, he is already heading towards the ‘Ron Burgundy’ end of the legendary scale. Not to mention that sharp shirt and Top Gun glasses…!

Later, video directors Brian and Linda French tweeted a photo of themselves, Brian and Oliver Leiber (looking very John-Lennon-circa-Sgt -Peppere-sque) in some sort of Hawaii-type hut as a Tiki character grimaces in the background.

Brian also left a comment on the photo saying “think 1974~TV dating gameshow…then you’re getting warm.”

Fans will be able to buy the new edit from March 26th from iTunes and Amazon, however if they head over to the new and improved and purchase one of the several impressive Bayonets bundles featuring the original Sucker For Love plus exclusive merchandise, they will receive the radio edit absolutely free.

Oliver Leiber, Linda and Brian French and Brian Ray

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3 thoughts on “The Bayonets’ Sucker For Love video shoot gets underway

  1. audi says:

    Cliff Burnside is the estranged, albino half-brother of blues-legend, R.L. Burnside. So glad he came out of hiding!

  2. @kris_br says:

    Thanks for the info, Audi! 🙂 I was wondering who would be Cliff Burnside..

  3. I’ll take “Hits of 2013” for $100 Monty!

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