Brian Ray unveils his new and improved website

Now that the Bayonets have pricked up the ears of music lovers around the world, Brian Ray has taken the opportunity to give his official website an overhaul, making it more modern, sleek and chic while still being as rocking as ever.

While it may look much more minimalistic than it used to, is just as packed with awesome content as ever! Looking for news, music, videos and photos? Well look no further, all are just a click away! The homepage displays 8 other tabs, each containing something cool, shiny and new:

Let’s start at the very beginning (it’s a very good place to start)! the HOME tab shows you all the latest most up to date news on the entire goings on in the world of Brian and the Bayonets. This page is constantly updating and also shows Brian’s Tweets so you can see what he has to say through the day!

From the home tab that welcomes you to the website there are many places to go and explore:

If you want to read the thoughts and musings of Brian, head over to the BLOG. He regularly posts updates on this and that, giving you sneak peeks behind the showbiz curtain and letting you see the real Brian Ray. The comments section allows you to leave your thoughts and responses, and Brian tries his very best to reply to each and every one.

Up next is the MUSIC tab. Given that Brian is a musician this is probably one of the most important tabs of the website! Here you can see all of the albums and singles Brian has released over the course of his career. If you click on the covers of each you will find the lyrics plus a little extra info as a bonus. Similarly the VIDEO tab allows you to watch the music videos as well as some interesting behind the scenes stuff.

The PHOTOS tab gives you a chance to browse through many high quality photographs from over the years, from the very early years of Brian’s music career when he was working with soul legend Etta James, through his tours with Paul McCartney and his own solo Tourette del Sol, right up to his time working with The Bayonets. There are also photos of Brian at home just doing his thing…oh, and keep an eye out for cheeky little Charlie the French bulldog: the worlds most adorable photobomber!

You can find out more about the Bayonets masterminds by clicking on the BRIAN RAY and OLIVER LEIBER tabs, and keep an eye on whether there are any gigs coming to a town near you by visiting the SHOWS tab. Exciting?! Hell yeah!

Finally the STORE tab should be the first place you visit when making your Bayonets purchases. Here you will find each and every single as well as some exclusive merchandise not available anywhere else. Not to mention that unlike buying from Amazon or iTunes, if you buy from the Brian Ray store $1 from every Bayonets bundle sold goes to the Pet Adoption Fund. Also available are Brian’s first two solo albums Mondo Magneto and This Way Up as well as all of the singles.

But don’t forget that if you want all the latest news delivered right to your email inbox, join the mailing list! There is a tab at the top of each and every page and all you have to do is simply enter your email address. Subscribe now and once a month (or so) you will receive a spam-free newsletter plus a free 4 song sampler from Mondo Magneto and This Way Up.

So there you have it, the new and improved! The sleek design is easy to navigate and even easier on the eye, and mass of music, videos and photos will keep you entertained for hours.

IN OTHER NEWS keep your eyes and ears peeled for the Steven Van Zandt’s radio edit of the Bayonets’ Sucker For Love. Fully endorsed by the band, it will be premiered on Sunday March 24th and will receive maximum airplay for six weeks at Little Steven’s Underground Garage found on SiriusXM. And to top it all off it will be awarded the prestigious title: “Coolest Song In The World” during the first week of it’s run! The radio edit and new music video to accompany it will be available to buy from March 26th from

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