Baby diva Justin Bieber shows no respect for fans in London

Feminine pop urchin Justin Bieber has been rightly criticised for showing up two hours late for his concert at the London’s O2 Arena, infuriating many fans that were forced to leave the show early.

Thousands of fans, some as young as 5, packed into the arena ready to see favourite ‘singer’, but were left waiting far longer than the expected when he didn’t turn up on time.

Bieber didn’t walk on stage until 22:35, despite being scheduled for 20:30 to play a shortened set of only 1 hour and 10 mins. But by that time the arena was already beginning to empty as people were leaving to avoid missing the last train/bus. Also, parents were whisking their heartbroken, disappointed children home as they had school the next morning.

And to make it worse he didn’t even apologise when he could be bothered to take to the stage.

Fans had witnessed Bieber arriving at the arena earlier, proving he was definitely in the house, making the inordinate wait and blatant disregard for those who had paid to see him even more unacceptable.

However, if The Who did this it would be completely rock ‘n’ roll. If The Rolling Stones did this it would be completely rock ‘n’ roll. Indeed Paul McCartney walked on stage 3 hours late at a concert in Liverpool in 1990. And still played a full 3 hour set, not finishing until the very small hours of the following morning. Many of the fans couldn’t get home as the public transport had all stopped so instead everyone just went to the pub, got drunk, slept rough and loved every moment of it. Now THAT’S rock ‘n’ roll.

And Justin Bieber aint rock ‘n’ roll. He’s a diva. A baby diva.

Taking to the social networking sites to try and explain himself, Bieber tweeted:


Technical issues? Meant to be on at 9:35? Blatant lies tweeted to try and dampen the fury surrounding the ‘singer’ and his diva-like actions.

His super fans, embarrassingly labelling themselves ‘Beliebers’, were quick to jump to their stuck up and self important idol’s defence, lapping up his weak excuses and ganging up on people that were not blindly loyal enough to see through them. Pathetic behaviour from fans supporting someone equally as pathetic.

This isn’t the first diva-like thing that Bieber has done this week either. While out at a restaurant in London celebrating his 7th 19th birthday he stormed out when the management refused to move a family who were already dining to make room for his bodyguards. The incident was so terrible for him that he even Tweeted “worst birthday”. Ha. Well that cheered it up for the rest of us.

But not the Belietards Beliebers. Oh no. They’re out for blood. Now is that scary or hilarious? You decided.

During his time in the UK Bieber’s childish behaviour has pissed a lot of people off, and I’m certain there’d be no shortage of people willing to head to the airport, strap Bieber into his booster seat themselves and watch him get slingshot back out of a country that (by and large) doesn’t want or need him.

Bring on the wrath of the Beliebers!

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2 thoughts on “Baby diva Justin Bieber shows no respect for fans in London

  1. audi says:

    Those tweets are a joke! Hilarious re-cap of last night’s events. “…Feminine pop urchin…” LOL!

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