An interview with…Lucrecia López Sanz

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, multi-instrumentalist Lucrecia López Sanz is an integral part of The Bayonets 60’s tinged rock sound. Her rise to guitar goddess has been an exciting one, sprinkled with an array of famous musicians.

Forming her first band, an all female Beatles tribute band called The Beladies, at the age of 19, Lucrecia played gigs around Buenos Aires as well as in the Falklands and at London’s famous Abbey Road Studios during Beatles Week in 2001.

She went on to join Nube 9 (Cloud 9 in English) with whom she has been performing for the last 12 years. The band have played in Spain, England and toured Russia with original Beatles drummer Pete Best. They were also the support act for Ringo Starr’s concerts in Buenos Aires in 2011, performing alongside many well known musicians including Mark Hudson, Alan White (from Yes and John Lennon’s band), Steve Holley (from Wings) and Jimmy Rip (from Mick Jagger’s band)

Lucrecia also formed part of guitarist Brian Ray’s backing band for his 2011 Tourette del Sol concerts, playing shows in Panama, Buenos Aires and Brazil in promotion of his new studio album This Way Up.

And coincidently it was Brian Ray (alongside writing partner Oliver Leiber) that gave Lucrecia her next big break by recruiting her to The Bayonets, where she has been handling the guitar and backing vocals. The bands first single Sucker For Love was released to critical acclaim on Valentine’s day, and with four more singles scheduled for release at regular intervals throughout 2013 (all will be available to buy at

The beautiful Bayonet babe was happy to answer some of my questions:

How did you meet Brian?

I met him when he came to Buenos Aires to perform two concerts with Paul McCartney in November 2010. A friend of mine introduced me and I saw him doing some radio interviews, and then talked for a while about Nube 9, music and guitars. A few days later, after the concerts, we met again in a radio studio and went for some drinks with a bunch of people.

How did you end up in The Bayonets?

He sent me an email about a year ago, after attending Macca’s concert in Uruguay and talking backstage he began telling me that he was forming a new side project with Oliver Leiber and that they wanted me in LA. I was shocked! So I flew to California last August and helped record their songs.

What was it like working with Brian and Oliver on Sucker For Love?

It was a great experience! Brian and Oliver were very kind to me and I learnt a lot being in the studio with them.

Did you get to have much input and add your own ideas during the recording of the song?

Yes, Brian used to ask me what I thought of the material and if I would add or delete anything, so I felt free to say what I thought. In fact, I told him to change the melody at the end of the second bridge of Sucker…and he did it!

Were you involved in the recording of any other songs or was it just Sucker?

I added vocals on the five singles by The Bayonets. We worked very fast and we had time to shoot a video for the third single. You’ll have to wait a couple of months to watch it though!

How would you describe The Bayonets for anyone that’s never heard of them before?

Happy and wild Cali rock.

Do you have a message for all the Bayonets fans out there?

I’m glad that we could bring these songs to people all over the world!

Thanks for your time!

You’re welcome.

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4 thoughts on “An interview with…Lucrecia López Sanz

  1. ghcss says:

    Really interesting stuff,, I cannot wait to see you live dudette,,

  2. Dennis G Blair says:

    Why not talk Brian and Oliver into coming to Liverpool for a certain week in August?

  3. Carol M says:

    Great vocals, music, lyrics, videos – the Bayonets dynamic collaboration is interesting, fun and energetic! A true formula for success… Social media is great for learning about HOW great things come about and happen – Thanks for sharing and for the interesting interviews. Come to Chicago!!!

  4. Richard says:

    As a musician myself I can say she is an excellent guitarist.

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