Happy Mother’s Day, mum!

Well seeing as it’s that time of the year again and I’m not at home to get my mum some flowers or chocolates or anything, I thought it’d be a good idea to write her a special Mother’s Day post instead!

No one ever really appreciates their mum. In fact no one ever really appreciates anyone that they’ve got, and it’s not until you’ve lost someone you hold dear that you realise how much they actually meant to you. Everyone’s guilty of that fact.

Which is why I hope this post shows my mum, Donna Gill, that I do appreciate the fact that she and my dad have lovingly dragged me and my brother up to be the people that we are today.

But not only has my mum done anything and everything she could for us, but she does it all without complaining. She goes to work, she keeps the house clean, she goes shopping, she makes sure that our lives tick over smoothly…and not once has she complained.

Mums are doctors, mums are chauffeurs, mums are banks, mums are listeners, mums are problem solvers, and mums are everything you need when you’re growing up, and for over half of her life my mum has been there for me through the good times and the bad. She might not have agreed with everything I’ve done or every choice I’ve made in life, but she’s remained there for me. She’s been waiting with champagne/lager/bacon sandwich for when things have gone well, she’s been waiting with a hug for when things have gone bad.

I never got into fights or anything like that, but over the years I’ve got into my fair share of trouble which has caused my mum more than her fair share of stress and worry. Sorry about all that stuff mum! While I don’t regret doing any of it I do regret any pain or sadness I caused. Maybe I should have listened a little more to both your advice and when you told me (repeatedly) that “mum knows best”!

But despite the bad stuff, look where I am now. Look where both me AND our Jacob are now. We’re doing well in our lives and forging ahead with our own futures. You and dad have spent years providing us with everything we needed to take the plunge into the big wide world, and now it’s finally paying off. You did good.

So my message to everyone is never forget that your mum brought you into this world, helped raise you, did everything to make your life as good as possible. I know my mum did that for both me and my brother, and although we don’t often say it I hope she knows that we appreciate everything that she has done, is doing and will do for us.

Being a mum can’t be easy. I guess it’s like an exam you can’t revise for, and you just have to muddle your way through and hope for the best. Well mum, I want you to know that you passed the test with flying colours. Proud of you!

Have a good day!

Lots of love,

Your first born! Xxx

PS. Can you lend me a tenner…?

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4 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day, mum!

  1. audi says:

    You’re making all of us other sons out here look really, really bad, Josh… 🙂

  2. Dawn Abela says:

    Aww, what a lovely blog Josh !!! Your mum must be very proud of you 🙂

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