Fans from around the world create a unique Sucker For Love music video

To show their support for Brian Ray and The Bayonets, fans from around the world have come together to help create their own music video of the band’s debut single Sucker For Love.

The idea for the video initially came from Dani Marquez May in Colombia, who has previously made videos for Good For Nothing from Brian’s first album Mondo Magneto, and This Way Up and Hey Miranda from his followup album This Way Up. She then pitched the idea to Team Whooray who bounced further thoughts and ideas around before settling upon what was to become the final product.

“I came up with this idea last year by making a lyrics video for This Way Up, and I really enjoyed doing it.” said Dani “I did two more later, and then I asked myself ‘Why not make something big? Why not make a video with the help of fans all around the world?’ And so I did! I really enjoyed getting help from the fans, it was a great experience. They helped me get new ideas for this video, and I just put everything together.

The whole process took only 5 days, from the first rough idea to the complete product being uploaded to YouTube. No small feat considering there are fans from around the world, all with different schedules and in different time zones, trying to contribute towards the unique project brimming with combined creativity and passion for music.

Brian was over the moon with the video. Speaking on behalf of The Bayonets he said: “For me, this fan made video is the very definition of modern music fan involvement. People who say the music biz is a dying business because people don’t care about it as much as video games and apps need only see this video: This is the ultimate honor. We’re flattered and chuffed. Thanks to the Whooray team and Dani et al. Thanks, Suckers!”

You can watch the full Sucker For Love fan video here:

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