Paul McCartney to head back to South America…again

With the recent announcement of Paul McCartney’s brand new Out There tour, fans around the world have been eagerly anticipating announcements of concerts near them. However despite the tour being advertised as heading to places that he has never previously played before, Macca is instead heading back to Brazil for the fourth year in a row.

In November 2010 Paul played 5 shows in South America as part of his Up And Coming tour: 2 in Argentina and 3 in Brazil. Only six months later in May 2011 and the tour returned to that part of the world for four more shows, 1 in Peru, one in Chile and 2 in Brazil. Moving forwards less than a year to April 2012, he played 6 MORE shows in South America as part of his On The Run tour: One in Uruguay, one in Paraguay, one in Colombia and three in Brazil.

In contrast there are many other countries that can only hold their breath in anticipation of concerts. The UK and America (the two main countries that made Macca as famous as he is) are only sporadically toured, with shows usually confined to the usual places when he does, i.e. London, Liverpool, New York etc. Then there is Denmark, where Macca cancelled two shows in 2012 for no reason: They have yet to have a make up concert (yet). Heading Down Under, Australia hasn’t seen him in decades. There was a tour planned for 2003, however it got postponed but never rescheduled.

And still he heads back to South America. But why?! Well the fans are undoubtably more crazy and enthusiastic and that must be pretty tangible on stage. Another reason could be the warm weather. I mean lets face it, who doesn’t like a nice sunny holiday?! However the main driving factor is almost definitely one thing: Money. Each and every gig sells out and fans do not complain about seeing the same old Beatles heavy setlist night after night. SA fans will pay top-whack for tickets for each and every show that they can physically get to. And this is something that fans in other countries are less willing to do in the current financial climate.

But whatever the reason that compels Macca back there year after year, here’s hoping that this fourth round of concerts in Brazil gets it out of his system. Maybe then he will be able to get back to places he hasn’t played as regularly!

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Click here for a full list of Paul McCartney’s Out There tour dates!

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One thought on “Paul McCartney to head back to South America…again

  1. audi says:

    I’m sure that this is NOT sitting well with the Australians. 🙂

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