Wings concert movie Rockshow to be rereleased for a limited time only

Paul McCartney & Wings’ seminal live concert movie Rockshow will be shown in movie theatres worldwide for a limited time only in promotion of the rerelease of Wings Over America, the triple live album it accompanied.

Filmed during Wings’ 1976 North American tour, Rockshow will feature 30 songs from four of the concerts: New York, May 25th (four songs); Seattle, Washington, June 10th (five songs); Los Angeles, California, June 22nd (fifteen songs); and Los Angeles, California, June 23rd (six songs).

Originally released in 1980, the convert movie will also feature a brand new pre-recorded 12 minute interview with Paul McCartney, in which he will share some of his stories and memories.

The epic Wings Over America tour brought the band’s music to a live audience of two million people in ten countries.  The climax of that tour was an incredible performance at the mammoth Kingdome in Seattle, Washington, where a staggering 67,000 fans listened to Wings perform their greatest songs so far.

Rockshow has been fully restored and remastered from the original film and audio masters, and will hit cinemas around the world from May 15th in the UK and May 16th in the US. Tickets for the limited showings will be hard to come by, so it is advised that you book sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment!

Visit the official Rockshow website to see an exclusive trailer as well as finding full listings and booking information. Don’t miss out on seeing what is regarded by many as the absolute pinnacle of Paul McCartney’s career finally back on the big screen!

You can also find out about the reissue of the fully remastered Wings Over America album here!

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One thought on “Wings concert movie Rockshow to be rereleased for a limited time only

  1. audi says:

    Cool way to promote this project…not to mention, remind the world how awesome Wings was!

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