Rusty Anderson searches for a new band name

Guitarist Rusty Anderson is in search of a new name for his band, and has taken to social networking sites in order to enlist the help of fans from around the globe.

Best known as one of the most sought after session guitarists in the world, working alongside musicians including Elton John, Paul McCartney and Richie Sambora, singer/songwriter Rusty Anderson also has a thriving solo career.

His debut solo album, Undressing Underwater, was originally released in 2003 and then again on a different record label in 2005. The followup album Born On Earth was released in 2009, and a compilation of the best of the first two albums entitled Until We Meet Again was made available in 2012.

Perhaps inspired by the success of long time friend and fellow Paul McCartney touring band musician Brian Ray and his solo ventures with newly formed rock band The Bayonets, Rusty has ramped up his solo efforts after a relatively quiet 2012.

And this is where YOU come in! Choosing a band name can be a daunting prospect and a difficult task, so Rusty has opened a poll on his website allowing fans to have their say. There are several band name options to choose from:

  • Rusty Anderson Afternoon
  • Rusty Anderson Rocket Ship
  • Rusty Anderson Elevator
  • Rusty Anderson Punch Bowl
  • Rusty Anderson Secret

There is also the option to submit your own suggestions for consideration.

Head over to Rustys official website in oder to cast your vote as well as keeping up to date on all the latest goings on in his world.

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