Brand new Bayonets website coming soon!

Not only is The Bayonets’ Sucker For Love heading steadily up the charts and their accompanying music video receiving thousands of views per day on YouTube, but now a Bayonets website has been announced as being in the works.

You will be able to find the new website at, however as the site is still in development there is only a placeholder there: the bands name against a fetching pink background! But give it a few weeks and The Bayonets brand new website will be up, running and rockin’ like the best of ’em!

This exciting announcement follows days after news of The Bayonets debut single Sucker For Love entering into the top 10 of the Classic Rock Radio charts. Enthusing about the bands success in the charts, lead singer Brian Ray said, “It’s nuts! I’m so chuffed we broke the top 10 today […] If you see the others in charts, they’re all my favorite bands ever!!”

And if that wasn’t a good enough achievement, The Bayonets’ Sucker For Love music video has also received over 17,000 views. The video for their debut single is in the style of a 1970 TV dating game show, featuring both founding members Brian Ray and Oliver Leiber, as well as a lineup of beautiful women.

In addition to this the band have also got their own Wikipedia page where you can find out all the info on the members and their music, so be sure to check it out here.

Until the new website is on it’s feet and in the classic ‘rock god’ pose, you can head over to or iTunes to download The Bayonets’ music.

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