Rusty Anderson Afternoon preview their new song “Effortless”

The newly named Rusty Anderson Afternoon, band of Paul McCartney guitarist Rusty Anderson, have teased fans with a tantalizing preview of their upcoming song entitled Effortless.

The Effortless preview (that can be found on the homepage) reveals a mid tempo, breezy, retro-sounding rocker that would fit nicely onto any other Rusty Anderson album. The track is due to be released on the 30th April, and links to the download should be able to be found on Rusty’s Twitter and/or Facebook page.

The release of the Effortless preview follows a social network campaign set up by Rusty allowing fans around the world to vote for a new band name. After a massive response and several days of voting, the winning name was revealed: Rusty Anderson Afternoon.

The band, consisting of Matt McKenna on guitar, Todd o’Keef on bass, Petur Smith on drums, and of course Rusty front and center on guitar, sporadically play live, however they have to tailor their concerts around Paul McCartney’s short notice touring schedule, which is understandably Anderson’s primary gig.

While on the road with his own band they play songs from Rusty’s two solo albums, Undressing Underwater and Born On Earth, and undoubtedly the beautiful Effortless will make its way into the bands live repertoire when they hit the road.

UPDATE: Click here to read my review of Effortless!

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