The Bayonets’ brand new website goes live

Only days after the announcement that a brand new Bayonets website was in development, the sleek and modern site is finally up on it’s feet and in the classic ‘rock god’ pose.

The fully functional website can be found at, and will contain all the latest news as well as hosting contests and having a store dedicated to the music and merchandise of The Bayonets. Also you can sign up to a spam free mailing list with regular newsletters being sent out containing the most up to date and exclusive info directly from co-founder Brian Ray.

The ‘Cali rock’ band are riding high on their wave of success after the release and massive promotional campaign of Sucker For Love, first having their debut single remixed and heavily played by Stevie Van Zandt on his popular Underground Garage SiriusXM radio show. The song then climbed the Classic Rock Radio charts entering the top 10. And to top it all off The Bayonets have recently have announced they will be hitting the road in May, playing a series of shows in Buenos Aires, Argentina (full story here).

The band have also got their own Wikipedia page where you can find out all the info on the members and their music, so be sure to check it out here.

The Bayonets’ second single is due for release on May 23rd, with single number three coming on July 4th and the fourth and fifth singles coming on August 22nd. All will be available to buy directly from the bands official website and iTunes.

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