Veteran keyboardist Paul “Wix” Wickens finally joins Twitter

Despite years of successfully managing to avoid being drawn in by social networking sites, one of the music industries most sought after keyboardists Paul “Wix” Wickens has finally succumbed to the pressures of modern life and signed up to Twitter.

The quiet musician tends to shy away from the limelight despite working with some of the biggest artists in music including Bon Jovi, Nik Kershaw, Bob Dylan, Boy George and David Gilmour. His fabulous skills on the keys has make him one of the finest session and touring musicians in the world.

Since 1989 Wix has been working alongside Paul McCartney, featuring in some way, shape or form on the majority of Macca’s studio albums since Flowers In The Dirt. He has also been performing with the Wings legend on every tour since the 1989/90 Paul McCartney World Tour and is currently rehearsing to head out on the road with him again for his upcoming Out There tour.

Wix has joined the ranks of over 200 million people using the social networking site famous for limiting users’ posts to only 140 characters. So be sure to head over to Twitter to keep up to date with all that is going on in the life of this reclusive but ridiculousness talented rock band sideman by following him @WixWickens.

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