Rolling Stones and Paul McCartney can hear each other rehearse

While in LA rehearsing for Paul McCartney’s upcoming ‘Out There’ tour, Macca’s touring band have been tweeting about being able to hear legendary rock band The Rolling Stones rehearsing for their upcoming ’50 and Counting’ tour in the next room.

The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were two of the biggest groups during the 1960’s, and back then you fell into one of two categories:  Beatles fans or Stones fans. 50 years on from when both bands shot to fame, they are preparing to hit the road again.

Paul McCartney keyboardist Paul “Wix” Wickens (@WixWickens), who has been rehearsing with the former Wings frontman on Stage 27 at Sony Pictures Studios tweeted: ‘Good rehearsal day. The Stones are rehearsing next door so went to visit my lovely friend Chuck Leavell. Surreal with Charlie Ronnie etc.

The next day saw drummer Abe Laboriel Jr (@Ogabejr) tweet: ‘It isn’t everyday that you leave a McCartney rehearsal & stumble into a Stones rehearsal! #angie #startmeup #donthate : ) >

On the third day of rehearsals guitarist Brian Ray (@BrianRayGuitar) tweeted: ‘An insane few days of rehearsal with the pleasent distraction of @RollingStones rehearsing next door to us. #more #rockonwards‘. Brian later tweeted ‘Listening to @RollingStones rehearse next door with the urgency of a local rock band looking to break out was fairly inspiring.

None of the Rolling Stones members have yet tweeted about having Paul McCartney and his band rehearsing next door, although guitarist Ronnie Wood (@RonnieWood) posted ‘Here are the songs we rehearsed yesterday on one of my canvasses that I do everyday in the studio‘ along with a photo (right).

The Rolling Stones brand new ’50 and Counting’ tour begins on May 2nd at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. Paul McCartney’s ‘Out There’ tour kicks off on May 4th at Mineirão Stadium in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

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