Poem – ‘If I Was an Astronaut!’

Several years ago I decided that I’d write a book of childrens poems. It started off well enough but due to having a short attention span I only managed to write a few! (Although I do intend to go back and write more one day!) Anyway here’s one of my first attempts at a childrens poem.

If I Was an Astronaut

If I was an astronaut,
I’d climb into my suit,
Then in my shiny rocket,
Up to the stars I’d shoot.

From my little launchpad,
I’d fly up into space,
To cruise between the planets,
With starlight on my face.

I’d meet a friendly alien,
From just beyond the Sun,
And he’d show me all around,
The world that he came from.

Skies of brilliant orange,
Grass of purple and blue,
Thousands of strange spacemen,
Nothing like me and you.

And when the tour was over,
I’d climb into my ride,
Wave goodbye to the aliens,
And lock myself inside.

Then I’d head back home to earth,
My big blue beautiful friend,
Cos if I was an astronaut,
The fun would never end.

Enjoy this poem? Well if you did please check out my ‘Kids Poems’ section for more!

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One thought on “Poem – ‘If I Was an Astronaut!’

  1. amy bate says:

    I love the poem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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