The Bayonets prepare their second single for release

Having made huge ripples in the music business and generating a lot of buzz with their first single Sucker For Love, The Bayonets are preparing the release of their highly anticipated second single.

There is currently very little information available about the as of yet unnamed second single other than it is scheduled for release on the 23rd May. Lead singer Brian Ray tweeted that the second single will be available via “iTunes and my site, and maybe a few days early“. He also tweeted: “you’re gonna like the next single. #promise!

The Bayonets’ first single Sucker For Love, released on Valentines Day, brought them considerable success: A special Stevie Van Zandt radio edit was played in heavy rotation on his Underground Garage SiriusXM radio show. It also received a wider radio promotional campaign which resulted in it entering the Top 10 of the Classic Rock Radio charts.

In other news, if you’re in Buenos Aires in May, Brian and Oliver Leiber will be heading there to play a few gigs. They will be backed by the popular local band Nube 9 (whose sole female member is Lucrecia López Sanz – coincidentally the sole female member of The Bayonets!), and are expected to play Sucker For Love and their upcoming second single as well as songs from lead Singer Brian Ray’s back catalogue with a few rock ‘n’ roll classics thrown in for good luck.

Check back here for more news and find out more about The Bayonets on their official website or Wikipedia page.

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