Single review: Rusty Anderson Afternoon – Effortless

As the debut single from recently anointed Rusty Anderson Afternoon, Effortless is a mid tempo, easy, breezy, retro-sounding yet yearning rocker depicting the longing for his love to run away with him to live an effortless life together.

A heartfelt guitar solo also works fantastically  especially the crackling, loose-wire effect on the long notes, and Effortless, driven by 60’s sounding guitars and an insistently longing 4-note riff, even boasts a brief cameo from something that sounds like a kazoo or perhaps a paper and comb!

The slow and lethargic melody juxtaposes nicely against the quick riff, with Rusty and Todd’s combined vocals covered in reverb and echo, making it sound as if they were singing from the top of the highest of mountain into the grandest of canyons.

The band, consisting of Todd o’Keef on bass, Petur Smith on drums, and of course Rusty Anderson front and center on guitar, sporadically play live, however they have to tailor their concerts around Paul McCartney’s short notice touring schedule, which is understandably Anderson’s primary gig.

The release of Effortless follows a social network campaign set up by Rusty allowing fans around the world to vote for a new band name. After a massive response and several days of voting, the winning name was revealed: Rusty Anderson Afternoon.

Head over to Rusty Anderson’s official website or iTunes to download the new single. You can also get hold of Effortless on Spotify. Also don’t forget to keep up to date with Rusty and the band by visiting Rusty’s Twitter and/or Facebook page.

Watch the music/lyric video for Effortless here:

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7 thoughts on “Single review: Rusty Anderson Afternoon – Effortless

  1. randipie says:

    Brilliant review for a brilliant song! After finding the link to this on Twitter, I followed you AND created a WordPress account specifically to read your future material. Perfect!

    • Josh Gill says:

      Well welcome to WordPress! Thanks for reading! Much appreciated! ~Josh

      • randipie says:

        The pleasure is mine. I really enjoy your writing style! Rusty is a very complex (but wonderfully kind) man with a lot of talent. It personally delights me to see him get the attention he deserves…and in such an artfully-crafted manner. x

      • Josh Gill says:

        Very true, Effortless is great and I’ve only just found Until We Meet Again and that’s a crazy one (in a good way)!

      • randipie says:

        So you’re still a bit of a Rusty newbie? If so, you must get “Undressing Underwater” and “Born On Earth.” Yes, all tracks (except the title track) on “Until We Meet Again” were previously released on those two, but the tracks that were not on the Euro release of “UWMA” are equally as brilliant and so very diverse. His songs are extremely ambient and cerebral, each with its own unique qualities. I jibe him on Twitter occasionally, but I have been enjoying his music for quite some time. If you’d like any links to very interesting interesting interviews and such, some written and some video, please feel free to let me know!

      • Josh Gill says:

        Oh I’m no Rusty newbie, I have both his albums, had em years and regularly listen to them. But I never bothered with the Until We Meet Again album cos it only had 1 new song! But I downloaded Until We Meet Again (the song) it on iTunes on the same day as Effortless, and I LOVE it!

  2. randipie says:

    (Sorry for all of the typos. I have a migraine, but can’t seem to tear myself away and rest off the grid!) 😉

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