The Bayonets storm Buenos Aires

Despite a severe storm, missed flight, and missed live interview, Bayonets lead singer Brian Ray managed to touch down in Buenos Aires, Argentina with only hours to spare until their first live shows, wowing their first audiences at the Faena Hotel and MOD Club.

He had been rushing to get from Fortaleza, Brazil, the location of the most recent show on Paul McCartney’s Out There tour to meet up with Bayonets band mates Oliver Leiber and Lucrecia López Sanz as well as the rest of famous local 60’s tribute band Nube 9 who are backing them on their mini tour of Buenos Aires.

Unfortunately the weather had other ideas, causing Brian to miss his flight and even a live TV interview that was scheduled for earlier in the day. Fortunately though he was in time for the gig!

Nube 9 opened the evening at the enchantingly swanky Faena Hotel with a set of Beatles hits, warming the crowd up before Brian and Oliver joined them. Together they blitzed through acoustic versions of several of Brian’s solo songs, starting with the infectious Hey Miranda, before playing several covers including a Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl, a song he wrote for Brian Ray’s sister Jean.

Speaking about the gig, performed to an audience of only around 100 people, Joy Y. said: “Watching Brian shred that guitar at such close range and speed, how much he enjoys himself and the feeling he puts into his performances is priceless, makes you appreciate his gift at a different level. He was thrilled, like a kid, enjoying every second of it, cracking jokes and toying with a few words in Spanish. They were all great. Oliver, Lucrecia, Fernando, Juan Pablo and Brian owned the intimate stage.”

One glaring omission was The Bayonets’ smash hit first single Sucker For Love. The intimate sit-down acoustic vibe of the first gig didn’t really suit the song, however Buenos Aires didn’t have to wait long to hear the 60’s tinged rocker…

Nube 9/The Bayonets Faena Hotel setlist

From Me To You
Nowhere Man
Eleanor Rigby
You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away
Oh! Darling
Here Comes The Sun
Hey Jude

Hey Miranda
Cinnamon Girl
Tears of a Clown
I Found You
This Way Up

You’d think all the travel chaos plus an amazing acoustic gig at the Faena Hotel would knock the wind out of Brian, but no – The Bayonets went on to play a 4am electric mini-gig at the MOD Club to a packed house or 2,500 fans who couldn’t get enough of the bands cool Cali-rock! Taking to the stage they whipped the crowd into a frenzy even playing their smash hit single Sucker For Love.

The Bayonets MOD Club setlist

Soft Machine
Hey Miranda
Sucker For Love
Cinnamon Girl
Tears of a Clown
This Way Up

The Bayonets will be returning to the MOD Club again tonight (12th May) to play a full length show before wrapping up the tour with a final show at Mr. Jones blues bar.

(Faena Hotel setlist courtesy of Joy Y/Fans on the Run)
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4 thoughts on “The Bayonets storm Buenos Aires

  1. audi says:

    They didn’t play their new hit?????

  2. monica frusto says:

    Brian thrilled us and brought us such a joy. . . The Faena gig was incredile and being so close, it was like a meeting with a long time friend. Oliver is amazing and he surely enjoy the show as well and as far as I know Nube 9

  3. Monica Frusto (@monicabeatle) says:

    I will send you pics tomorrow!

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