Roundup – Tourette del Sol 2: The Bayonets in Buenos Aires

The Bayonets’ rocked and rolled Buenos Aires during their whirlwind whistle-stop tour, bringing their infectious indie music to the beautiful Argentinian city.

Playing three gigs in two clubs, one in a hotel and a TV show, the 4 day tour of was intensely exciting experience filled with pounding drums, shredded solos, and some of the finest Cali-rock the band had to offer.

The Bayonets were originally scheduled to perform on the Duro de Domar TV show on on Friday night backed by local 60’s tribute band Nube 9, but unfortunately a big bad storm wreaked havoc with plans as lead singer Brian Ray couldn’t make it to Buenos Aires in time. Fortunately he did manage to touch down in time for their first live gig at the swanky Faena Hotel. The intimate acoustic gig was a VIP affair promoted by the hotel, and eased the band into the swing of things and allowed them to hit the ground walking instead of sprinting.

Several hours after this first gig on the very same night The Bayonets hit the stage at the MOD Club, playing a high octane mini gig to an enthusiastic crowd of 2,800, kicking off at 4am with Hey Miranda and rounding proceedings off with This Way Up just before 5am! You can read more about Brian’s travel troubles and the first two gigs here. Remembering his first night, Brian said:

Because my flight connection was missed I missed our original TV schedule, so Nube 9 did it without me, effectively advertising our makeup date and getting a real buzz going. Also our first gig together at the Hotel Faena got Nube a standing residency in the Cabaret room! I’m very happy for them!

Lucrecia (photo courtesy of Daniel Silva)Up next was a full length gig st the MOD club to a full house of music lovers ready to party. The fantastic audience was treated to the world premier performance of the Bayonets’ third single Whatcha Got (not due out til mid-summer), featuring the lovely Lucrecia López Sanz sharing the lead vocals.

One highlight of the gig was the audience held up signs reading “Hey” while the band were performing Brian’s singalong Hey Miranda. After the show Brian took  to Facebook saying: “What a night at MOD Club with The Bayonets and Nube 9. When they turned up the chandelier lights to show all of you up on the balcony, I almost lost it! Gracias Buenos Aires!” You can read more about the electric full length MOD Club gig here.

The shows didn’t relent, and the next day the band were playing the jam-packed, up close and personal Mr. Jones Blues Bar, ripping through their set of songs and whipping the crowd into a frenzy. Brian tore it up on the guitar, Lucrecia oozed sex appeal and Oliver somehow lost his shirt only a short way into the set. Like they say, it’s only rock ‘n’ roll…but they LOVED it.

The Bayonets wrapped up the tour with a make-up performance on the Duro de Domar TV show that they originally missed, again playing brand new song Whatcha Got as well as the tried and tested, fantastic Sucker For Love.

Our late night live TV performance is getting a ton of hits and comments, the show’s highest ratings in forever and we truly had a blast. Lucrecia kicked ass on Whatcha GotI had a bout of word salad in the first stanza and Oliver’s boot got stuck in the bass drum for a few beats but oh well, it’s live, right?!

But in the end you’ve gotta go where the love is! Thanks, Buenos Aires, you were great!

But wait, don’t get Bayonets withdrawal symptoms just yet, as their brand new single, the menacingly bouncy Smartphone, is due for release in a matter of days (full review here). While it was originally scheduled for release on the 23rd, The Bayonets’ decided that things were feeling good and they could push it forwards as a ‘thank you’ to the fans for all their coninued support. Speaking about the constant changing plans and fluidity of being a Bayonet, Brian said:

I’m having so much fun doing this indie ‘string of singles’ roll out! We can be fast on our feet and change up our strategy as ‘conditions on the ground’ warrant. For instance, we didn’t have quite enough time to debut Smartphone while in Argentina but we wanted to focus on Whatcha Got.

Similarly we were originally set to do two solo songs of mine on the TV show but  decided we should do two Bayonets songs instead because they feel so good live. This fast-footed DIY promotion approach – with no one looking over your shoulder – makes these types of decisions fast, easy and fun to carry out.I hope anyone out there doing their own independent project finds a way that works for them to promote their music and enjoy the gifts they were given, all at the same time, as we have done in our own little way.

Oliver Leiber (photo courtesy of the MOD Club)

Brian Ray (photo courtesy of the MOD Club)

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One thought on “Roundup – Tourette del Sol 2: The Bayonets in Buenos Aires

  1. Grace says:

    I was there, great! Brian & Oliver along with Nube 9 night delighted us with his music, we love you! Kissis Grace

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