Fan reaction: “Smartphone” is off the hook!

While The Bayonets’ brand new single Smartphone has only been on sale for a matter of days, the overwhelming reaction from music lovers far and wide is a resoundingly positive one, showing nothing but love and respect for the emerging indie group.

Their debut single Sucker For Love pinned back the ears of music fans around the world, and the criminally infectious followup Smartphone has knocked them off of their feet! The writing partnership of Brian Ray and Oliver Leiber once again proved itself, and together (along with the one and only female Bayonet Lucrecia López Sanz) they have recorded one of this years most catchy and off the hook singles.

Here’s what a small cross-section of fans had to say about Smartphone:

What an amazing song! The Bayonets rule!
Playing on repeat, out loud, nonstop! Love it!
Priscilla Ann (Brazil)

Smartphone is fresh and fast, this song is
like a bullet through your brain!!
Monica Vasta (Argentina)

Love this song. Smartphone has fun lyrics,
such a great beat and awesome guitar!
The Bayonets seem to be going from strength to strength!
Dawn Abela (UK)

All I can say is Smartphone is a killer track! Brian is a genius!
Kris Tirelli (Brazil)

From the first note to the last, this driving rocker is
the coolest song in the world! Love it!
Shelly Marie (USA)

I got a really cool vibe coming from the song.
Another hit by The Bayonets!
The music is catchy and clever, I really loved it!
Got my mind set on a mid-west movie with that raw and
incredible guitar and super cool rhythm from the drums.
Just WOW!
Dani Marquez May (Colombia)

The new song Smartphone is awesome;
I haven’t stopped listening to it.
Miriam A Acklas (Brazil)

Holy crap, it’s superb! I like the guitar work in it!
The Bayonets deserve radio play!
Chris Ferguson (Ireland)

Smartphone is available as a MP3 download to buy from the groups official websie and You can also get your hands (and ears) on it via iTunes and Spotify. The Bayonets’ smash hit debut single Sucker For Love from these places too!

And if that wasn’t enough you can get your hands on an exclusive bundle: the Smartphone MP3 download AND T-Shirt combo for only $25. This offer will only be running for a limited time, so don’t wait if you want to score!

You can read my review of The Bayonets’ new single Smartphone here, and please feel free to let me know what you think of the new song in the comments box below! You can join in the conversation on Twitter by tagging your tweets with #SmartphoneSong.

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3 thoughts on “Fan reaction: “Smartphone” is off the hook!

  1. audi says:

    Paul McCartney has Stuart Bell…Brian Ray has you, Josh. Great reviews!

  2. […]      There you have it, ladies and gentlemen.  Josh Gill, the talented, ridiculously funny, and charming former Paul McCartney fan forum member who has taken his love of Paul and his band global.  Keep an eye on him, folks, because you’ll be reading articles from him when he’s a famous journalist in the near future.  Be sure to read Josh’s latest blog post on the new Bayonet single “Smartphone”: […]


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