Chords: The Bayonets – Smartphone

A little more musically complex than their first song, The Bayonet’s Smartphone centers around a one note riff played on the low E string throughout the verses. And just so you know you’re going to have to tune your whole guitar down a semitone in order to rock out with this one!

Smartphone is available as a MP3 download to buy from The Bayonet’s official website, Brian Ray’s official website and iTunes, as well as all other places where digital music downloads are sold.

Also be sure to take a look at my other chords/tutorials here or by checking my blogs index!


(intro – keep the B and top E strings open on all the intro chords)

Em G Em Am

(verse – riff on low E)

Hey, now, gather round
Let me tell ya bout the new gun in town
Ready, set, who’s the best
Fingers are flyin’ like the wild west

Oh yeah, oh yeah

New York to Galilee
The sky above to the seven seas
We all got skin in the game
The whole wide world’s on the road to fame


So c’mon (ready) aim and shoot it

Get a smartphone and just get stupid

It’s time for all the world to see (your biology)

C’mon (c’mon) strike a pose and take it

Shoot your best shot you just might make it

You’re goin’ (down)

You’re goin’ down (aaah)

You’re goin’ down in history

(return to riff on low E string)

You can wait til the cows come home
Bored and broke and all alone
Or you can show your face, just a taste
Send your junk into outer space

Oh yeah, oh yeah


(solo 1 – all on top 4 strings. No A or low E strings!)




(solo 2)


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3 thoughts on “Chords: The Bayonets – Smartphone

  1. audi says:

    I absolutely love the track. My bf has an iTunes account, and I definitely intend to purchase. 🙂

  2. Thanks man!! Love the hint with the chords!! =)

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