Chords: Brian Ray – This Way Up

As the title track from Brian Ray’s second solo album, This Way Up is a solid electric rocker that centers on three grungily thrashing and starkly spiky chords (D A E).

This Way Up is available as a MP3 download to buy from both Brian Ray’s official website and iTunes, as well as all other places where digital music downloads are sold.

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This Way Up

(intro – can be played as open chords…although power chords sound better!)

D A E x8


Lets go drivin’ in my car

Lets hit the gas

And we’ll outrun the past

Lets go drivin’ like the fools they say we are

We’ll turn this thing around

The whole world’s upside down


I said hey, —- hey, hey, —- it’s time to make our getaway

I said hey, —- hey, hey, —-talkin’ bout a great escape

So hold on tight, ride with me

We’ll storm the gates like Steve McQueen

And it’s this way up

D A E x4

Doesn’t matter who you are
Or who you think you are
If you have a heart
Forget the crap you learned
Back in your little school
They changed the rules last night
They said what’s wrong was right





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